April 6, 2015

Quinn 10 weeks

My sweet girl Quinn is 10 weeks* new! I had an itching to get back to writing down some of her milestones up to this point, since everything feels a bit blurry in the beginning. I love looking back at Logan's updates too and seeing how similar and different my kids are. :) I also have some thoughts on life with two... but I will save that for another post.
We had our 2 month appointment last week and our little girl weighed in at 12 lbs 2.5 oz. Since she was born at 7lbs 12oz, I think she is growing just great. We are in 0-3 month clothing and starting to move into 3-6 month clothes as well. I'll be moving her into size 2 diapers after we finish this pack of 1's. We are breastfeeding again and this time around has been a much easier start and way less painful for me. That's been a huge relief. She got her first round of immunizations, which she was not happy about. It definitely affected her more than they did for Logan.
Quinn has been a pretty chill baby for the most part... that is until we get into the early evening hours (around dinner)... the "witching hour". I don't really remember Logan being as discontent each evening, but I could have just blocked those memories from my mind. Who knows!
But during the day and especially in the morning, she is so happy. We can set her down on her playmat and she will happily bat and kick at the hanging toys for a good 20 minutes. She's happy sleeping in her swing and her awake time is anywhere from 1- 1 and 1/2 hours before she gets overtired. 
As true second child fashion, we have been out and about a lot. Mostly its running errands or out at play groups/gymnastics/museums trips for Logan and his friends. You can mainly find Quinn snoozing in the carseat or being worn in my boba wrap. My friend Laura had her second (a girl as well) 3 weeks before me. We joke that they will have to be best friends because they are already always hanging out (aka Sleeping or lying on the floor) together.
We've been getting smiles for quite sometime and it is just as amazing as the first time around. I can't wait until we get straight out laughs from her. Those are the best!!!

Sleep has been ok. It's not horrible but not great. Most nights she is getting up twice at night to eat. Once around 12 or 1 and then again around 3 or 4. A few nights she has been up every 2 hours... yikes!
As of now, she is sleeping in a co-sleeper in our room. We are waiting for a few more weeks to set up her crib and then we will think of moving her into her room. We didn't do this earlier because we had people in town to help and her room is where they slept.
Some nights, we can bring her into our bed at the 3/4am wake up and she will go back to sleep without eating. I really think she just likes to be warm and snuggled. She loves when it's with Geoff the most. They are so cute together and I have a million photos of them sleeping already.
I looked back and by 2 months in, Logan was down to one wake up most nights and had already give us a 10-5 stretch. I'm trying not to compare too much and just enjoying my morning cup of coffee while looking forward to more sleep in the future. ;)

She really is just the sweetest baby I have ever met and Logan already adores her. The transition from one to two was a bit crazy and I have my moments of feeling completely overwhelmed... but all in all, I have really enjoyed it. It's crazy but the moment Quinn arrived, I knew she was a perfect fit for our family. It has really just felt right!

2 months memories-
First outing with just mom and babies- 1 week old at a playdate
Celebrated Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, Baba's Birthday and First St. Patricks Day
First cold... so sad! :(

Quinn currently likes:
Being held, worn, snuggled
Being swaddled- however she is getting strong and starting to bust out of them.
White noise
Bath time!- this is different from Logan as he took a while to enjoy a nice bath.

Her dislikes:
Pacifiers (womp, womp)
being alone

*I had this mostly written last week and took me until now to get this posted. So, technically we are 11 weeks in. lol. 

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