February 23, 2013

10 weeks

I can not believe it has already been ten weeks that this little guy has been a part of our everyday life. Look at how much he has grown from week one until now. This is a six month onesie and he is starting to fill it out quite nicely. At our 2 month appointment with the pediatrician, this guy weighed in at 11 lbs, 10 oz and almost 23 inches. He's gained 4 lbs and grown 2 inches since birth.
Life with a 10 week old is fun! Logan is more awake everyday and really getting strong. He does great at tummy time which is helping his neck muscles to get stronger. He is much better at head control and we can tell he likes to sit up more than lie down. I'm probably going to break down and get him a Bumbo seat tomorrow in hopes he will like that and give our arms a break. He also loooooves the playmat more and more each day. We caught some of his first smiles while he was kicking and batting at the hanging toys. He is a little stingy with the smiles thus far but, it makes each one we get so special- they really melt my heart! He has also started to coo and babble with us. I love it. It's like we are having a little conversation except I have no idea what it's about. Whatever it is, our talk is filled with lots of snuggles, tickles and kisses.

We are still loosely on the Eat, Play, Sleep schedule which has been working well for us but we are slowly adding in longer outings to see how he does with naps on the go. It's a learning experience for sure and some days work much better than others. As for sleep, most nights he is still sleeping like a champ. He wakes up usually once during the night around 3 or 4 am. Twice this week he slept from 10-5am which was amazing! 

As for toys, we were very lucky and our friends gave us an exersaucer and little toy piano for when he gets a little older. This was so nice of them since baby stuff really adds up quickly. However, after bragging about how great we did not overwhelming our little apartment with baby things, I quickly am realizing that this is a short lived victory. We had no where to really put these toys... so for now they are in a corner by the kitchen table. I seriously think if we do not move into a house soon we are going to have to look into renting one of those pods or researching self storage! Geoff used to joke we would need this for my shoes and purses but I think Logan has me beat already. :) I know that we will be very thankful for these toys since Logan is quickly getting bored with us holding hanging toys over his head and we aren't quite enjoying the book reading yet (even though we try everyday).

Likes are still:
Swaddling- they are getting a bit tight on him so it's easier to keep his arms in now.
White noise- This is a must for him to sleep well.
The swing- Thank goodness we have this! Best naps are in the swing but I'm hoping to transition some into the crib.
The Ergo- He loves being snuggled close to us.
Lion King Playmat
Laying on the bed singing and kicking legs and arms around before bed. It is very cute!
He is almost liking Bath time. We go longer each time before he starts crying.

Diaper changes
Car rides and the car seat- This is new, he is not happy being strapped in where he can not see.
Socks- He is always kicking them off
Being bored- We constantly have to change it up to keep him entertained but it keeps our days exciting. I love how we are seeing him grow and develop. It really is amazing. :)

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