February 28, 2013

Boston Aquarium

For his birthday, Geoff wanted to head into Boston for the day. Being a cold day in February, with a two month old, we needed to find something kid friendly and indoors to do. Hello Boston Aquarium! It was very crowded when we got there, which did surprise us since it was a weekday and they are doing construction on part of the Aquarium (note- the penguins are on vacation right now so if you go, you wont see them). While we missed out on a few things we still had a great time! I can't wait to see what else they have for everyone to see once they are finished with the upgrades in July! (In case you are planning a trip- Tickets are discounted due to the construction.)

We went down with two of our friends Jason and Hye (who was also celebrating her birthday as well) and had a fantastic time! They took a few family photos for us, which is nice since we don't have many photos of the three of us together. :) Once Logan woke up, he had fun looking in the fish tanks even though I'm not so sure he knew what he was looking at. :)

After the Aquarium, we quickly headed to Chinatown to warm up over some Hot Pot. We spent the dinner enjoying each others company and trying to convince Logan not to scream in the middle of the restaurant. I think it was the longest day we have had out of the house with him and all in all he managed to hang with us pretty well. Each time we go out, it gives us a little more confidence that we can handle adding a baby into everyday life. (Until we get pooped or peed on and then it breaks that confidence just a little... but that is a story for another day...)

I've been to a few Aquariums and this one, while not the largest, was pretty fun! I can't wait to bring Logan back when he can really experience it with us! Random fact, did you know that in Chinese culture it is preferred to wear red at celebrations like birthdays. We didn't have anything clean for Logan to wear that was red so we made sure he had some on his socks... I must plan better next year! Geoff didn't have to since it was his birthday. The color red signifies happiness, prosperity and good luck! I have a lot of fun learning more and more about the Chinese culture, even after over five years of dating/marriage. It will be exciting to share it with Logan as he grows.  Here's hoping this year brings all the happiness, prosperity and good luck to my wonderful and loving husband. :)


Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

You guys are so cute!


SkyMommy said...

What an adorable family you all are. Happy birthday to your husband!