March 2, 2013

First flights

 We are taking our first trip next week with Logan and it involves flying! I haven't been on an airplane since October- which is the longest I have gone since I started flying in 2006! We are headed to Cincinnati to visit with my friends and family and introduce Logan to everyone he hasn't met yet. (Basically this is everyone except for my mom and dad.) Even though I feel like I am an expert traveler, it's going to be a little different this time and there is so much more to think about.

Are we bringing the stroller? How many diapers should we bring for the flight? Do I bring my pump with me? So many questions that run through my head when I think about it. With everything else that I've experienced with motherhood, I know that once we get through the first flight... our confidence will soar and it will all seem much easier.

When I was pregnant with Logan and working, I took notice of all the families traveling with kids, especially babies. I wanted to see if I noticed anything new that might help me in the future but all I saw was a lot of bags and a lot of rocking and shushing. :) I know to nurse or feed on take off and landing since that can help equalize the pressure in the ears but other than that, it will be a new experience for all of us. One, that I hope, I can share and help others before they fly. The plan is for all three of us to fly down together, Geoff will come back early for work and I will bring Logan back all alone at the end... eeeek!

As excited I am for this trip (I am literally counting down the days.... I can not wait!), I dream, wishing,  that Logan grows to have a love for travel like Geoff and myself. I can only hope that this trip will be the first of many adventures as a family (unless you count Iceland, Korea and Bali when I was newly pregnant). I can't wait to see what his likes and own adventures turn out to be. Will he want to ski in the Swiss Alps? Or backpack around Europe? Study abroad? Will he yearn to live somewhere new like Australia or Thailand? Will he look into moving somewhere permanently? Research buying property in Turkey? Or maybe Argentina? Will he prefer to head to China for a month or Florida for a week? Maybe explore Canada for a summer....

I know my life has changes and now I look forward to little things like seeing him try his first foods and watching when he starts crawling but, I can not help to incorporate him into my dreams of traveling! We will start small, with a trip to loved ones in Ohio and hope this is the beginning of his adventures as a frequent flier. :)


Joanna said...

Good luck with your first trip with your little guy. You will do great!!

Our kiddos flew the first time around 12-15 months (can't remember exactly), and although those first couple years we didn't travel too much we are starting it up again since they are now older (3 and 5). They already have 5 "stamps" in their passports. Pretty cool!

And because you want the same him, I am sure it will happen! Travel is just so wonderful, and exposes people to such wonderful things!

You will do great!

SkyMommy said...

I'm sure your little guy will do great. I'm excited to hear how it goes for sure.