Fit with Baby

I've always been fairly active but once I started my career as a Flight Attendant, I knew that eating on the go and an abnormal sleep schedule could wreck havoc on my body pretty quick. I started running to keep myself healthy (and the cocktails to a minimum) and quickly 5 miles turned into a half marathon which led to a full marathon.

My running start- Couch to 5K

Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio (2009)

Flying Pig Full Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio (2010)

Melissa's Road Race in Banff, Canada  (2010)

I took a break from running and fell in love with Bikram Yoga, Body Pump and Spinning.

Once pregnant, I tried to stay active through some pretty bad morning sickness. I stuck to walking 3 miles most days and light weight lifting at the gym with Geoff and took prenatal yoga classes. Now I'm attempting to get back into shape post baby. I'm a work in progress but feel free to follow along with me as I make changes to get my body back after having my first child!

Post 1- Losing the baby weight
Body after baby- Update 1 (4 months after baby)
Body after baby- Update 2
Body after Baby- Update 3 (6 months after baby)

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