June 7, 2013

Body after Baby update #3

Well it's been a while since I have checked in on how I am doing. We are nearing 6 months with Logan in a few days (where has the time gone?) and each day I am feeling more and more like myself. (I think I'm just getting used to less sleep and less time for me- welcome to motherhood)

Since the last check in I really worked hard on tracking my food intake. I utilized Sparkpeople.com and made it a priority to log in my foods and recipes so I really could have an accurate look into what I was eating. I worked hard to get my breakfast and lunch calorie counts down so I could eat more and stay fuller longer (example- instead of a high calorie oatmeal bowl, I added less toppings and had a yogurt on the side). I noticed that I started eating more of the same foods for breakfast and lunch (2 or 3 things that I swap in and out for the week). For dinners we made a list of healthy, safe (calorie wise) and easy dinners to swap in and out leaving one day for a new recipe and one day for a dinner out. Not the most exciting of food times over here but I think it is working well for me and it has been taking me less time to get food on the table. Win, win in my book.

I also finished up the first month of Insanity. The "easy week" pretty much lined up with our trip to Canada so instead of stressing myself out during our trip- I took the week off and enjoyed time with family. We tried to get in a few walks and I attempted to not eat myself until stuffed since we went out to eat quite often on the trip.

I am now back into half of my pants (woo hoo) and working hard to fit into the other half.

Yesterday, I went for my first run with our BOB stroller. I drove out to the Windham Rail Trail not too far from us because its a smooth, paved running trail. There were so many people out running, biking and rollerblading. I was so happy to be out running that I went a little too far and ended up rocking out 3 miles. Let me tell you that running with a stroller is no joke. I am sore Everywhere today! :) Looking forward to more of these.

Here are my stats-
Weight- 151 lbs!!! YAY
left arm- 11.5"  down .5
left calf- 14.5" no change
left thigh- 22" down about .75
hips- 38" down about 1"
belly- 32" no change
bust- 36" no change

Also, if you wouldn't mind helping me out... we entered the parents.com contest to get Logan on the front cover. Right now for the weekly contest he is in FIRST place. Please help us keep him there by voting everyday until Sunday (june 9th). Thanks!!! :) VOTE HERE

Happy June! Do you have any goals to keep active this summer?

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