April 17, 2014

16 months

Another month, another monthly update. I feel like time flies so fast and when I've just written about one month, we are closing in on another. Here is more of what we have been up to at 16 Months!
 Sixteen months has been a really really fun age so far! We've had our share of ups and downs (we are at an age where Logan is showing us very distinct likes and dislikes and hitting a few tantrums) but I can look back and confidently say that things just keep getting better and better! The other day I ran a few errands while he was napping. When I got home he looked at me in the doorway, yelled 'Mama' and came running over to me- so so cute and I think my heart almost exploded out of my body.

Let's talk about teeth (probably the most talked about topic of new moms after sleep issues)!
I'm pretty sure that we are finally getting a break from teething. Logan got his first two teeth at 4 months and they haven't stopped coming in since then. I think all the molars have finally broken through and we have ALL teeth besides the 2 year molars. Really, really dreading those suckers! 

Middle of this past month, Logan got hit with a little cold. Stuffy, runny nose and a slight cough had us a really off our normal routine.
That week of sickness changed his eating habits, he didn't eat or drink much at all. More than once he refused whole cups of milk and I was a little worried that he wasn't getting enough to sustain all the running around he does. The breaking point was when I made pancakes (his favorite breakfast meal) and he refused to eat them- throwing half on the floor and placing the rest on his head.
I tried to have faith that he would eat/drink more when he felt better and didn't make a big deal out of it. Boy was I right. Since he has felt better, his appetite has been ginormous! The other day he ate all of dinner, had fruit for desert, drank all of his milk and then got into the diaper bag, pulled out his snack cup and walked around the first floor eating cheerios!

He is also getting much much better using his spoon and fork. I give them to him anytime we have a meal where we use them- so that way he can imitate how we eat and practice. I have been very laid back about letting him explore and use them at will. I've only shown him how to hold them correctly a few times because at times he is fiercely independent and wants to do things for himself. So far, so good... it's been messy and a lot more laundry but I love how excited he gets when he gets a spoonful of food in his mouth all by himself.
He had also been sleeping more this second half of the month. There have been a few days where he slept 12 hours at night and took almost a 4 hour nap in the middle of the day. It's insane. A few days I felt like I hardly saw him much at all outside of eating, bath time and errands. I always feel conflicted when he sleeps really late. I hate to wake him up just to go a gym class or run an errand but I also try and keep him on schedule.
What do other moms do? Keep them sleeping and figure they need the extra sleep or wake them up to keep on a schedule? 
I'm assuming that this is a growth spurt since suddenly a few tops and bottoms have become a bit snug and a little too short! ;)
We've been laughing a lot watching Logan imitate us this past month. When Geoff's mom was here he would watch her and then dunk his crackers in his "coffee" (aka the air), just like she was doing. He will join in if people are singing but my favorite is the jumping. If we jump, he will jump and a few times he has gotten off the ground and a little bit of air. This is always followed by lots of laughter. I've caught him "jumping" in his crib and also on the couch... not good. We are currently feeling out the way we want to re-direct and discipline actions that just aren't safe.
He is also quickly learning body parts and will point to his nose, head, belly and toes all the time.
He likes to hike up his pants and show off his legs and he laughs when he does the same to Geoff and touches his leg hair.

Logan is a pretty social little guy. He loves performing for everyone and gets so silly when people are watching him. That said, he can also be very shy and it takes him a few minutes to warm up to a new setting. He instantly relaxes when his little friends are around and he wont hesitate to walk over and give them hugs and kisses. He hugs all the time and will crawl over and sit in my friends laps when we are together.
This came in handy when we snuck away for a date night- heading down to Boston to watch the Celtics game. My friend Laura came over to hang out with Logan and put him down for the night. She said he was great for her and we got to enjoy ourselves knowing that he was with someone familar!
We still are going through a little bit of seperation anxiety, he still will cry out when he hears other babies/toddlers start to cry and he has gotten scared of another kid on more than one occasion. We were at Barnes and Nobles at their train table in the kids section when another kid came right up to him and smacked him in the face. It was his way of saying hello but you can bet that it didn't go over well with our little guy. He is definitely not a rough and tough kid just yet. He gave us his sad cry face and I thought the Papa Bear was going to come out of Geoff... fiercely protective father. The other kids parents handled the whole situation really well and everyone left happy.
One last things is our evening routine. Logan now knows when we are upstairs and nearing bed time. We will sit and read a few books together and we always read the same book last each night. When we now get to the "Bed book" he shakes his head and will not turn the pages but close the book or throw it on the floor. Luckily we both know it by heart so I still "read" it to him and off we go to brush our teeth. I love the ways his personality are really shining through. 

Favorite toys- Balls, Whittle World People, anything outside, grabbing the phone and carrying it around when we facetime with Geoff! 
Likes- Eating, Running around, Playground, Going on walks, Pointing at cars and dogs ("dah"), seeing his friends, reading books and tackling his giant Panda before bed.

Dislikes- Getting strapped into his car seat (again), not being able to go outside when we open the door, diaper changes, nose wipes and most recently getting a bath...

Favorite new food- Cupcakes. He has been going nuts over these at our friends Birthday parties! One more this weekend!!!

April 14, 2014

Weekend Fun

Hi guys! It's nap time over here in my house, so I thought I would quickly pop in to say hello while the little one snoozes upstairs.

We are officially in Spring mode today with temperatures in the high 60's/low 70's. It's windy but beautiful and we have already spent the morning outside walking with friends and having a picnic. :)
Even though tomorrow calls for Rain, I am still super excited for the warmer weather and all the walks, picnics and playing outside that is to come. 

This past Saturday, we woke up to a sun shining, beautiful afternoon. We made breakfast and got ready to take a walk to the local playground that is up the street from us. We've given Logan a little taste of freedom (walking out the garage door and down the driveway to get the mail with us) so now, anytime he hears a door open he wants to go outside and run around. While this is really cute, it has lead to a few breakdowns and lots of tears when we aren't actually heading out. Toddler tantrums are so sad.
Once we got him into the stroller and headed out, he was as happy as could be. We ran around and explored the playground, hit up the swings and attempted to not get run over by all the larger kids running around. I feel like my baby is so so big and then I take him out and realize how small he still actually is.
Once we had our fill, we started to head home. We made a small stop at the tennis courts to let Logan get out a little more energy. He ran all over the courts and then stopped to watch a few girls hitting the balls around.
After we got home, it was time for Logan's nap and I got ready to head to work. I flew from Boston to Fort Meyers, Fl and back, landing around 12:30 in the morning. I tend to work this same trip over and over again since it gives me the most time at home during the morning.

Sunday, I groggily got out of bed and quickly showered so we could head out to one of Logan's friends FIRST birthday party. I love the friends I have made here in NH and loooooove all their babies as well. There is nothing better than celebrating a child's first year of life! I snapped a few photos of the cake smash for them (I also took their family photos in the fall).

 Isn't he just too cute?

Later that night, I actually left Logan with Geoff and went to dinner with a few of my girlfriends. We stayed out late (9pm, haha) and chatted about lots of mom and girl stuff. It was such a fun and refreshing weekend! 

So now it's Monday, Geoff is at work and I am working on our Weekly Meal Plan (a day late... whoops)

I know a few blogs who have a weekly meal plan link up and I was playing around with the idea of joining in and sharing a few of our favorite recipes. That's if I can get organized enough to pop them up on the blog each week.

So- if you are interested... here is what we are eating!

Monday- leftovers
Tuesday- Crock pot Lasagna
Wednesday- Steak, baked potato & sauteed kale
Thursday- Taco night
Friday- Chicken drumsticks, quinoa and veggies
Saturday- Birthday party grill out
Sunday- out to eat

April 10, 2014

Toddler Lunches and Smoothies

We've been on a lunch rut over here lately! Do you have those weeks where you eat the same things over and over again? I don't mind it when it is just myself, but I want Logan to be an adventurous eater who is open to trying lots and lots of new things. (I know, lofty goals for a 15 month old) I also need food in the middle of the day to be quick and easy to prep/throw on the table. We are still figuring out this middle of the day nap, one nap deal when it comes to food. He eats a small snack before going down (usually before we leave whatever activity we are doing in the morning) and a larger snack when he wakes up.
Our veggie nuggets are a big hit but we eat them all the time. So, this week I tried something else new and different.

Crescent Rollwiches
I took a roll of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
Filled 4 with a mix of Tomato Sauce and Cheese
Filled the other 4 with Ricotta cheese, cut up Strawberries and a drizzle of honey.
Baked for 12 minutes at 375 on a greased cookie sheet and they came out perfect.
I added edamame on the side and he gobbled up one of each kind. If you Pinterest these, there are so many ideas and combos ranging from little hot dogs to nutella and peanut butter. Quick, easy and delicious!

Along with lighter lunches, I've been embracing the warming weather and breaking out the Vitamix for some afternoon smoothies. Logan was sick a few weeks ago and really not eating much. I decided that smoothies were the way to go since I could sneak in some spinach or kale along with the fruits. They were sort of a hit... he would drink half and then pull the straw out of the cup and walk around laughing each and every time we tried them. Maybe I need a different smoothie cup?

 I was offered to try out some Organic Matcha, a Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me Organics through Tomoson. I've been seeing information on Matcha show up everywhere lately so I thought why not!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I tried it a few different ways
Mixed with hot water... not my favorite

 Faux Starbucks Matcha Tea Latte off Pinterest (adapted from this one)
almond milk, honey and matcha green tea.... much better

Thrown into my smoothie
almond milk, vanilla protein powder, banana, matcha green tea... my favorite combo.
(I made a large batch of the smoothie and dished out Logan's half first, then added Matcha to mine and re-blended.)

It states that you can mix it into baked goods as well which I haven't done since I share a lot of my foods with Logan and don't know much about the safety of my little eating it.

In my latest Women's Health Magazine, they had a small blurb on it as well!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Taste wise, when mixed into a latte or smoothie, it was perfectly fine! I love green tea and feel like there are a lot of benefits to drinking it, so I was happy to give this a try!

Any tried and true toddler meal ideas or smoothie recipes you love and care to share?

*Also, I have been thinking about the direction I would like my blog to go. I was thinking of adding in more of what we are eating each week. I also would like to take a little more time with my photography as practice- instead of just uploading quick snaps from my iphone. I would love feedback anytime if there is something you would love to see/hear more or less about! Anyways... thanks for reading! 

April 5, 2014

Train show

Last weekend, we heard of a train show going on in a town near ours. We decided to head over before Logan's afternoon nap and check it out.
I remember going to see Train shows when I was a little girl. Walking into the room, seeing all the set ups, trains going around and around tracks, the details... it all brought back so many feelings from when I was little. It was really nice to think that here I was with my own son, creating more memories. Even though he's probably too little to remember much of what we are doing right now, I can only hope that we can give him many experiences to remember fondly! 
Here are a few of my favorite photos from our afternoon!
I can't wait until we can take him for a ride on a train-hopefully this summer! Choo choo.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

March 30, 2014

Working mom.

I am back to work.

Lets catch up. December I had to go back to training to make sure that I didn't forget how to do my job... I passed. January, I had to pass a 'requal' flight with a trainer before I was signed back off to fly the line. February was the first month that I had had a real schedule and have been "back to work". (I do want to say right away that I am part time and am in no way trying to relate to those of you who work full time- you full time working moms are strong strong women!)

However, we have a weird situation in my household. My husband and I both work in the airline industry. It is much different that your normal 9-5 job. A lot of people have been asking me how this works and how it is going, so I thought I would write a little bit update on our working life.

My husband works mainly one and two day trips. He is pretty senior so he can hold most of what he wants... it's nice because while I hold a line (set schedule), I have no idea what trips I am going to get when I bid for my schedule.
So far, have been working late florida turns (where I fly to florida and back in the same day and get home reaaaaal late- like 2 or 3am) and a Raleigh overnight (where I visited my good friend Laura, yay!). This is exactly what I wanted, fingers crossed that I can continue to hold these.

I pretty much work 6 days a month. I scheduled my flights at the end of Feb/beginning of March and Geoff's mom flew in from Seattle to help us out as we navigated down this new road. She stayed for almost 3 weeks and then flew back to Seattle. She is now flying back into town tonight to help us while I work the first week of April.

I laugh now, because I thought this would be so very easy on everyone. A babysitter that loves Logan as much as we do- check, only working a week out of the month- easy as pie! Looking back, I feel so silly about how nonchalant I was. If I've learned anything since having Logan, it is that looking back is now so so humbling and I am constantly learning things about myself.

Leaving your child- even in the care of someone else that you love and trust, well, it is anything but easy. I feel like for the most part, I'm pretty laid back when it comes to our trusted few watching my child (aka- my mom, Geoff's mom and now the gym daycare). I trust them and so we leave them with limited instructions for the day or night. Basically meal/milk times and when he usually naps. I try hard not to micro manage and just let things happen. It's really easy to have this mindset when someone watched Logan for an evening or a few hours during the day... so I didn't think it would be any different and I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Working multiple days in a row in February, I really saw how much the shift in our daily life affected Logan. Everyone parents/interacts differently and the change in the afternoons changed how Logan was acting. I saw him throw more fits and act a little more aggressively. It was honestly really hard for me to watch and in turn, affected me a lot while I went into work. It's not that anything was wrong, but I could tell that he was thrown off by it all. A hard part was also that it wasn't a new normal for us. I worked my 2 1/2 weeks and then had 3 off at home. I think it was enough time for us to get back into our routine... to have it change again when I head back to work on Tuesday.

As I sit here, typing this out, my heart feels heavy about it all. This mom guilt is no joke. I can only imagine the millions of women out there working, who are feeling or have felt the way I do now.

Right now I am trying to take things really slow... one day at a time, one week at a time. Last time, I allowed myself to be sad and cry on my drive into work. Once I hit the Massachusetts line, I took a few deep breathes and told myself that I was already gone for the day so I might as well enjoy it.

So, that is basically what is going on around here in the work department.
I got some really good advice and encouragement when I was heading back to work (thanks guys!)... any words of wisdom to help get me through this next week?

March 23, 2014

15 months

Anyone ready for spring yet? We certainly are! Braving the northeast winters with a Toddler is no joke. We've been filling our days with lots of activities, but I can tell we are all feeling the effects of too much time indoors. I have high high hopes for all the fun outdoor activities that I am planning in my head for when the temps rise.
However, we are still having a great time while we wait and dream of warmer weather. 15 months has been so much fun. Just like every other month that has passed, I think to myself that it can't get better than this... and it does. Logan is growing leaps and bounds and it is amazing to watch him discovering the world around him.
Right now, I feel like I have a really big baby on my hands. He is technically a toddler and sure runs around like one- so steady on his feet, but yet he still loves to cuddle and he isn't talking too much just yet besides a few words here and there. He's so big but still so little at the same time and I desperately want to freeze time and never let him get any bigger.
However much I want it to stop, time marches on. Quickly I might add. Our little boy is on the go ALL THE TIME. It's so much fun to watch him go but makes for an exhausting and long day unless we get out of the house!!! (I think this winter is making us both go stir crazy.)
We have weekly playdates, Mygym, Mom's group, Gym daycare, Trips to Barnes and Nobles (for the train table), and errands. I can not wait to add Storytime, Walks to the park and Swim lessons into the mix!!!
 A lot of our activities consist of stacking, sorting and organizing. I've saved quite a few fruit cups that are great for this. He also likes to hide things in the back of our couch cushions and in the drawer of his table. Besides that, we chase each other around the house a lot. He also looooooves the balls and small ball pit at Mygym. He carries them around and hates it when we have to put them away.
Logan has gotten really good at climbing. He will climb up and down the stairs, off and on the couch and especially all over his little Pottery Barn Kids chair. We had a few close calls lately where he is trying to climb over the back and sides. Geoff was smart and taught him how to go down the stairs and off the couch. Now we practice those skills daily and I feel a lot better about his climbing, even though it still makes me nervous. At our Mygym classes, he will now make a beeline for the tallest slides and climb up to the top.
Eating is going well. A few favorites lately are quinoa, applesauce, oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt, cheese, butternut squash, tomato soup and grilled cheese. Veggies, grains and fruits are definitely the biggest hits. Meats are hit or miss... usually miss. Meatballs, Meatloaf, Ground turkey are ok but fish and chicken usually end up on the floor. Forget about the foods where he previously threw up after eating them (Avocado and Tilapia)... he wont even try them, though we do keep offering just in case. We've had a few days where he has been really picky but I chalked that up to molars and just gave him softer foods.

Everything is still going into his mouth all the time. Does this ever end? He walks around with puzzle pieces in his mouth all the time. We are constantly trying to tell him not to put things in his mouth when cruising around... it has no effect even though we are pretty sure he understands us.

Sleep is good. We are down to one nap and a day and most days it is anywhere from 2-3 hours. Any shorter than that and he gets a little cranky at the end of the night. Usually bedtime is 8pm and we get up around 8am. I did have an afternoon where he was a little out of sorts and took a nap on me in the rocker. That hasn't happened in forever and I savored every second of it.
Books have become a big thing in this house (finally!!!) and we read 3-4 books before both storytime and bed each night. I love it. I try and rotate the books in different rooms so we can read them all but Little Blue Truck and Goodnight Moon are read daily. I sometimes find him flipping through books on his own or he brings them over to me and plops down in my lap. One of my favorite things is watching Geoff read books with Logan...

15 month rundown

Weight- Around 23 lbs
New words- No, Please, This, That
Teeth- All teeth are basically in besides 2 year Molars!
Likes- Snuggles, Bath time, Making complete messes at meal time, eating out of his snack cup, climbing, reading books, Running around.
Dislikes- Diaper changes, Getting his Nose wiped, Being told no, Being held when he wants to walk, Leaving Mygym (he tries to sneak back in to the balls every time).