September 10, 2015

Summer fun 2015 (part one)

Well I will try and keep this on the shorter side of long. ;) I was really bad this year at keeping up with blogging about our daily life... so I thought I should mention some of the fun we had this summer! (I'm totally in denial that it's coming to a close. Not ready for fall just yet.) After the looooong winter we had and the piles of snow that got dumped on us... spring seemed to come a lot later this year so I think summer has felt extra nice!

For June, we had decided to book a family vacation with my side of the family. Since we would have a baby with us I didn't want to travel too far. We booked a house on Cape Cod for the week and my parents, brother and his fiance all came up to us! No one had met Quinn yet besides my mom so it was really fun for everyone to get to meet her.  We also got to celebrate Kyle's 30th Birthday and his engagement to Amanda!!!
Cape Cod was a great time! We hung out, hit up a few beaches, went for a few walks and checked out a baseball game. It was also our first vacation where Logan could climb out of his pack and play (and he was newly potty training) so it was a little crazy but we all managed to get a little bit of sleep. LOL. (Vacations sure aren't what they used to be...)

The timing of our trip could not have been better... we were there before the massive crowds hit the Cape so traffic was alright. I couldn't imagine what it's like mid summer!
(Quinn's first time on the swings)
The rest of the month we spent hitting up the playground, having playdates with friends and playing in the pool. We also took the kids to Davis Farmland which ended up being so much fun! It's a farm, playground and splashpad all in one. We spent all day there and Logan absolutely loved it!

July was a bit more jam packed then June. We started out with having Geoff home over the 4th of July. We cooked out, went to the beach and ate popsicles in the front yard.
We took Logan blueberry picking again this year. Last year he mainly picked to eat the blueberries. This year, he picked a few, ate a few out of our buckets and then ran around while we picked. Lol. He also took his first swing on a tire swing before we left.
 Quinn had her first taste of solid foods which was really fun to start back up again. (I thought I was going to try baby-led weaning and then found myself pureeing up foods like with Logan. lol.)
 We played outside with the hose and sprinklers a lot...
 Near the end of the month, we had a Big weekend planned about 2 hours north of us. We got tickets for a Day out with Thomas in North Conway. This year, our location also had Percy and we got the joint tickets so we could ride BOTH trains. Logan looooves trains and Thomas so it was a pretty big hit this year.

There is a kids amusement park near by called Storyland and we decided to make it a weekend and hit up both. We booked a hotel at the North Conway Grand Hotel and drove in Thursday. We drove straight to Storyland and spent the last 3 hours on Thursday at the park. Then found dinner and checked into the hotel. We were up early the next day and went back to the park until close. Logan was juuuuust tall enough to ride all of the rides (except the big rollercoaster). We all had so much fun!!!!
The rest of the month was again, hitting up the beach with our water loving family...
 and taking Logan to his first plays at the Palace Theatre. They have a kids summer series that we tried out and Logan loooooooved! (and so did I) We saw Peter Pan first, then went back the next two weeks for Aladdin and Wizard of Oz. They lasted about an hour and Logan happily sat through the whole show. You could meet the cast after every show which he did not like at all... except when it came to Captain Hook. We had to stand in line to meet him. Lol.

I'll recap August another day... I'm trying to soak in all of the warm days we have left before winter comes again. (I've been hearing that this one might be worse than last year and I just can not believe my ears... I may need to move south. jk)

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