February 21, 2013

Weddings, Babies and Birthdays

 It is no lie that I love weddings. Geoff and I have tried really hard to make it to all of our friends weddings over the past few years. We have traveled to South Korea, South Carolina, Ohio... but this past week our friends got married on the beaches of St. Martin on a cruise and we just couldn't make it. I felt bad but I think we had a pretty good reason- this little guy! (Did you know 2 month old babies aren't allowed to cruise?) Considering how we haven't taken him to the gym daycare yet, cruising was definitely out. Maybe next time.

I always love to see how weddings come together and represent the personalities of the bride and groom. I loved our wedding, but planning it was really hard work! Every detail seemed so important and I since I only plan on getting married once, I wanted to get it all right. In my opinion, the hardest decision was picking out our wedding venue because once you have secured your date and venues, the rest will fall together. It is so much easier to picture flowers and place settings when you know where they are going. Since we held ours in beautiful Michigan (far away from tropical beaches), I can not wait to see the photos of how beautiful it turned out. 

Geoff's Birthday was yesterday so we headed into Boston for the day with two of our friends. (yay for pilot friends and random weekdays off!) It was cold but beautiful day outside so we opted to do something fun indoors- The Aquarium! It was the first full day we had Logan out of the house and we did pretty well. Since we missed coming into town for Chinese New Year, we headed to Chinatown for Birthday dinner. We warmed up over Hot Pot Buffet and really ate "all you can eat". I think they thought we were done 400 times while we continued to order more food to cook in the pots. Oops. :) We made our way home to have chocolate cake before bed. All in all it was a fun day and I hope my husband had a great birthday!

Finally, since no post is complete without more baby photos... enjoy!
How did you pick out your wedding venue?
Did you do anything fun this week?


Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

What an adorable baby!


SkyMommy said...

He is SO incredibly cute. Bummer having to miss the cruise but you certainly have a really great, adorable reason for it at least.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Megan! He is so adorable!! Has it really been two months already??

Jes said...

first of all, your son is freaking adorable! Secondly, we chose our venue because they were running a special that if we spent x number of dollars (which we did), they included a free open bar....NO BRAINER!

The Friendly Skies said...

Thank you for the nice comments! We obviously think he is the cutest guy ever. :)

Jes- that is a fantastic reason for picking a venue. Wedding stuff is expensive!