April 10, 2013

Months 3 and 4

Since I never got around to posting about month 3, I thought I would just double up and make these monthly recaps a tad bit shorter! :)
3 months was a whirlwind. The hardest part was Logan and I got Thrush, which is basically a yeast infection inside his mouth and my breasts. It was very painful for me and I was so worried about how it was affecting Logan but he seemed to be fine and still ate like normal. It lasted about a month, both of us were on medication and I will be honest... I had lots of tears, a few thoughts of quitting breastfeeding and we got a lot of use out of my pump! I was afraid it was never going to end, but it did. I am so proud that we made it through the tough part and I didn't give up. It is so much easier now and I am so proud that my boy is growing big and strong from my milk.
Other than the Thrush, 3 months was pretty fun. Sleep continued to get better. For the most part we would get up once or twice at night. On exactly his 3 month birth date he slept for 9.5 hours straight! I felt like a whole new person.

We celebrated Logans first Valentines Day, went out for sushi and he slept the entire time. :) We also went out for Geoff's birthday downtown Boston to the Aquarium and for hot pot. Later in the month, we headed to Cincinnati to visit with my side of the family. Each time we take him out for a long day, it gets a little easier as we figure out exactly how much he can handle before a meltdown.

3 month milestones:
Lifted your head up during tummy time
Moved into 3 month clothing
Took your first airplane ride
Visit to Ohio and met lots of friends and family
Found your hands
First Baby Smiles and Laughs!
First baby tear... so sad!
It has been amazing watching him go from flailing arms to making an effort to reach out and bat at a toy. He has started to grasp at things now and loves his play mat. We always tell him it's time to "play with your friends" when we place him down on it in the morning. He also does this really cute thing where he stares at his hands as he grabs his fingers together...
We also broke down and bought a Bumbo. He gets cranky when he is laying down too long and wants to be able to see the action going on around him. He sits in it for short periods of time right now while he works up his muscle strength. So far, he is loving it.

4 months old-
My baby no longer looks like an infant. He is a chunky little baby with full big cheeks and cute little baby fat rolls. :) I can not believe how big he is! I laugh because I honestly thought I was busy before becoming a mom and it is no where near as busy as I am now. It's a different kind of busy when you are needed to take care of someone. The days are flying by and I cringe each time my little boy out grows more clothes and I pack them away...
Each month is my favorite month with Logan. As much as I loved him as a smushy little infant, his personality is now coming out and I can not get enough. We get constant smiles, giggles and boy does this baby babble. I think we might have a "talker" on our hands once he starts speaking real words. He started to blow spit bubbles a week or two ago but that has calmed down a bit.
Not only is he completely into his hands (which grab everything... especially loves grabbing my hair and neck skin) but he has now found his feet!!!
He also is very into watching us eat. He will just stare at us if we get any sort of food near our mouths. I can not wait until we start foods around 6 months!!! Did I mention anything he gets his hands on goes right into his mouth... soon instead of blankets and toys it will be purees and soft foods... yay!
4 month memories
Talking up a storm.. coos and babbles like crazy
First St. Patricks Day and Easter
Found your feet
Started rolling over tummy to back
Got your passport
Slept 10 hours straight one night
Starting to out grow 3 month clothes and wearing the few 3-6 month we have
Invited to his first baby birthday party
We celebrated his first St. Patricks Day (isn't his outfit cute? My mom made it) and his first Easter (I made the hat). The Easter Bunny came and brought him a few new toys and a Cadbury Cream Egg for mom and dad. ;)
We found that lately Logan isn't enjoying the play mat as much as he used to. Instead of batting at his toys, he grabs and pulls. I think he is getting frustrated that he can't pull them down and into his mouth. We were lucky enough to have friends gift us their exersaucer and we bought a doorway Jumper (to save space instead of a big Jumperoo) and so far he loves both of these! We also got him a mobile for his crib to help us transition one of his naps during the day out of the swing and into the crib. So far it's going okay. It helps him to fall asleep but his naps are much shorter in the crib. 

We've also tried reading him more books but it's hit or miss with them so far. He would rather take them out of my hand and try and get them into his mouth...

We are still swaddling at night. We had to buy the larger size Swaddleme's while we were in Cincinnati because he was barely fitting into them. We are planning to try and transition him into Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit next because I think he still needs something to stop his arms from waking his up. He has rolled over from stomach to back a few times and back to stomach once, but not in his crib yet. I'm sure it's coming soon though.

Even though my boy is getting so big, he still looks like my little baby when he sleeps... and I love every second of it! 

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