March 30, 2013

Cincinnati visit

Man, life with a baby really goes by fast! it feels like just yesterday we were in Cincinnati visiting with loved ones, but here it is almost Easter! Crazy. Anyways, as you already know Logan's first flight went really well! Our week in Cincinnati was basically a meet and greet of everyone who had not met Logan yet. It was a whirlwind week to say the least and I'm pretty sure we wore our little boy out each and everyday! Since the weather was still fairly cold we did a lot of our activities inside. I can not wait until our next visit home in June when we can get out more! Our first visitor was from my Uncle Herb. He rushed right on over as soon as he could and wasted no time talking to Logan, who happily babbled right back at him. 
Day two we packed up and drove to Dayton to hang out with my Great Aunt Onie. Logan was all dressed for the occasion and enjoyed our mini photo shoot.

Four generations! Pretty cool.

Day three we got back in the car and headed to Lexington to my Grandma's house! Here we met Granny, Uncle Kyle (my brother) and Aunt Melissa! It is weird because my brother just moved from Kentucky to South Carolina and my Granny is moving south of the city so this is the last time we will be visiting family in Lexington. I think our visit was a little bit overwhelming for Logan as you can probably tell by the sad faces in the photos. They are the best photos we got of the day.  Even though he looks miserable, I know he had a great time being loved and held by everyone.

The next day we had a play date with my friends Tori and Elly. They brought over their littlest babes while the older kids were at church for preschool.
Already the ladies man!

Afterwards he was beat and took a nap with Geoff.
Then spent the evening hanging out with Grandpa Warren!

Saturday, Geoff left bright and early (4am) to fly back to Boston. Unfortunately he had to work the rest of the weekend. Logan and myself slept in since we had a jam packed day. In the afternoon we had lunch with friends I have known since Kindergarten and second grade- Cari, Lindsay and their kids (and husband). In the evening we headed over to my friend Andrea's house for a biiiiiig get together of my girlfriends, husbands and kids. Logan wasn't even the newest addition, Andrea had a baby boy Aiden. He was so tired halfway through the night he fell right asleep in a few of my friends arms.

Sunday my BFF Courtney made the drive down from Columbus to hang out for the afternoon. We spent the afternoon hanging out around my parents house since we had been on the go the whole week. Logan needed a break... and honestly so did I. I'm still learning how to be a mom and I realized this week that I need to speak up and say when we are trying to do too much with such a young baby.
Luckily for us, that was the bulk of our week. The next few days we got to relax, sleep in and hang out at home. We ran some errands but made sure that we got in lots of Grandpa and Grandma time of snuggles and kisses. :) My mom and dad were amazing and set up a whole nursery (with a crib) for us in my brothers old room. They even got my a Boppy pillow since they know how much I use mine. I think they are trying to entice us to visit more.

We had a great visit and since we just got Logan's passport in the mail this week... we will be planning a trip to Canada to visit Geoff's side of the family very soon!!!

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