March 22, 2013

Are we teething already?

When Logan turned 3 months, something fun happened... he found his hands! He was already swatting at toys and starting to grab or hold onto everything like my hair, fingers and blankets but all of the sudden he couldn't get enough of his own hands. He would grab his fingers, hold on, stare at them and put them straight into his mouth... all ten... well more like as many as he could fit. :)

We traveled home to Cincinnati to visit my family and introduce him to all the relatives who had not met him yet and my mom kept saying over and over again- he's working on those teeth! I thought she was crazy and that he was way too young to already be working on teeth. We've had over a week of chewing, slobbering and crying. At first I thought we had just screwed up his nap and sleep schedule (which I am sure we did just a little) but, he seems to be back on the schedule we are used to here at home and still the fussiness continues. He seems to be in a little bit of pain and cries until something gets into his mouth for him to gum on.

I went to the doctor that is google and low and behold he has some of the signs of teething...
-Drooling. Yup, it's everywhere.
-Gnawing. Yes, Yes, Yes, Everything goes in his mouth.
-Crying. Uh huh, we've been extra fussy these days.
-Waking. Our up once at night has gone back to twice. (might also be from 3 month growth spurt).
-Flushed Cheeks.
I especially loved the part where it said that a baby could be teething for weeks/months before a tooth even pops through... great...

This is the one time I wish my boy liked a pacifier because I feel like that might help. I've been trying everything... Sophie the Giraffe, teething rings, a wet, cold washcloth. His favorite soother seems to be sticking part of an Aden and Anais blanket with half of his fist and gnawing on that. (Those blankets are miracle workers). We take most of our naps in his swing and I was hoping to transition one into the crib once we got home but I'm putting that on the back burner for now.

I honestly can not believe how fast he is growing up... three months have flown by and time does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

Any advice or encouragement on how to deal with a teething baby?


Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

you both are so precious!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

No way has it been three months already! That's crazy! Dr, Google is right. Very possible it's early teething signs. Though like they said it could be weeks even months before you see an actual tooth. Hang in there! I wish I had some magic wisdom to impart on you, but Jamie was an AWFUL teether. Nothing we tried really helped. :( Good luck!

SkyMommy said...

Oh man, I can't believe he could be teething already. But lots of babies teeth early. Some are even born with teeth (yikes!). Hope that mean old tooth doesn't make you all too miserable.