May 2, 2014

Sick babes

Well, I don't really have much to say about this past week besides my household was sick. :(

Logan was sick, Geoff got sick and I did a lot of cleaning and cooking. We cancelled all our fun playdates and gym classes and stayed in, watched too much tv and snuggled. It was pretty rough, and to be completely honest- I love how full and fun our days have gotten with Logan's growing age and stage. I can completely admit that I schedule our mornings full to get us Both out of the house and having fun.

I don't know if they boys had a form of food poisoning or a stomach bug but nothing was staying down for very long. Logan actually had a day and a half where he didn't keep any food or liquid down. Wouldn't drink water, Pedialyte came back up... I was so worried and he was running around our first floor, playing peekaboo like normal. I have no idea where the energy comes from. The nurse on call gave me a few things to watch out for and that was all we had to go on.

Wednesday morning we tried a little bit of milk and toast. He drank down half a cup like he was dying of thirst and a few minutes after we let him down to run around he projectile vomited all over our couch. Oops. He was fine after we got him and the couch all cleaned up.

Yesterday morning we finally got out of the house for a playdate. 24 hours vomit free and he kept down breakfast and milk. We were so excited and had a great time.

Here is hoping we have a much better weekend ahead of us!

Hope your week was better than ours was! 

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