May 27, 2014

17 Months

17 months... we are almost at a year and a half. Gulp. This month we are B.U.S.Y. so I know it will be here before I am ready for it.
Right now, we are at the height of imitation in our household. Logan is taking in everything. If we dance, he dances... if we have water, he wants water...
If one of our glasses is left out, he will walk over to it and make sipping noises at the glass and laugh. We got back from the gym the other day and it was beautiful out so I decided we should sit on the deck and have a snack together. I brought out a bag of pirates booty and grabbed a small bowl for Logan. When I told him we were going to go outside and have a snack, he walked over to his play kitchen and grabbed himself a small bowl and brought it outside. This age is so so cute.
It hasn't been all fun and games, we had a week where Logan was pretty sick. They first night we were downstairs watching some tv before bed. We heard Logan cry out around 11pm. When we checked on him on the monitor, he wasn't crying but he was sitting up in his crib. A few minutes later he was still sitting up but slumped over holding himself upright by holding onto the crib slats. I went up to check on him and he had thrown up all over the crib but I guess he didn't want to lay in it so he was trying to keep himself upright. Poor kid! Geoff caught a bit of what he had so I ended up taking care of two sick boys. We stayed in, snuggled, watched way too much tv and they both slowly got better.

During that week Logan pretty much stopped eating most foods. Doctor gave us a handful of safe foods and Pedialyte since he wasn't supposed to drink milk. Does any kid actually drink Pedialyte? Our experience was a complete failure. Mashed potato was the big food winner for the week and I was so so happy once he stopped throwing up and started to eat normally again.
For the longest time, we would use sign language with basic words that we used everyday in baby/toddlerville. Milk, water, eat, banana, hungry, more, all done...  After a while, we knew that he understood most of them but would never sign back. We got 'milk' for a while but it was pretty much used for 'I want' which we would sign while pointing to food, toys, breakables, phones... you get the picture. So after a while, we kind of stopped signing. I knew he understood the words themselves and just went with that. Imagine our surprise when out of the blue he started signing more when we wanted more of something to eat. The next day, we was pointing at the fruit basket at lunch and I asked him if he wanted the apple or banana and he signed banana to us. Little stinker!

This month held Easter- we celebrated Logan's second Easter with pancakes and Easter baskets.
I was so happy Geoff was home as well- spending time as a family really makes the holidays so special. Logan's favorite part was throwing the grass all over the house... haha.
We had two baby birthday parties for friends, lots of Mygym classes and with the warmer weather we spent a good amount of time taking walks, running around the playground and playing in the yard. It's been fun and I officially love spring.
Logan is now running and getting really really fast. We are working on not running into the street and also holding hands when we walk. This has been tough to enforce when we are in the yard because he gets so excited when the cars drive by in the street. I really wish we had a fence but I know that once he understands then it will be a lot easier. Other than streets and parking lots, I really love to watch him run all around. The pure joy that is on his face makes my heart melt.
Loves- Taking walks to the playground, being outside, pointing out cars and dogs, running, his bunny lovie.

Dislikes- Getting into the carseat, the word no, sitting still.

New words- Moo and Baa, we hear the most. He's repeated Hello once or twice.

This age is so much fun! I can not wait for all the adventures we are going to take this summer!!! 

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