April 24, 2014

Practice session at the park

Since the weather has been warming up (finally) I've been booking a few spring photography sessions. I do the majority of my work outdoors, since I do not have access to a studio. I have been checking out the parks and watching the sunlight like crazy the past week to see where I would like to shoot and see where my angles with the sun are. Things are looking very different since shooting in the fall and I can't wait to see what everything looks like when the flowers start blooming!
The other day I took Logan to run around at a park near my house and use him as my little model. It is so so so much harder to shoot a running toddler when you have no other help. One hand I was trying to make sure he didn't tumble over tree roots, eat rocks or fall down little hills and the other was snapping away.
I tried to have a good balance of playing vs shooting but I guess I did a pretty poor job at it because near the end Logan ran over, pushed my camera away and shook his head no at me. Oops. Kinda crazy that he can show me that he is frustrated at me. I snapped one more photo and  put down the camera for the rest of our time.
If I can get a sunny day like this for my shoots, I will be a super happy girl... the light in the spring is just so beautiful!
as always, if you are looking for a photographer in the Boston/NH area, feel free to contact me about booking a session. :)

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