March 23, 2014

15 months

Anyone ready for spring yet? We certainly are! Braving the northeast winters with a Toddler is no joke. We've been filling our days with lots of activities, but I can tell we are all feeling the effects of too much time indoors. I have high high hopes for all the fun outdoor activities that I am planning in my head for when the temps rise.
However, we are still having a great time while we wait and dream of warmer weather. 15 months has been so much fun. Just like every other month that has passed, I think to myself that it can't get better than this... and it does. Logan is growing leaps and bounds and it is amazing to watch him discovering the world around him.
Right now, I feel like I have a really big baby on my hands. He is technically a toddler and sure runs around like one- so steady on his feet, but yet he still loves to cuddle and he isn't talking too much just yet besides a few words here and there. He's so big but still so little at the same time and I desperately want to freeze time and never let him get any bigger.
However much I want it to stop, time marches on. Quickly I might add. Our little boy is on the go ALL THE TIME. It's so much fun to watch him go but makes for an exhausting and long day unless we get out of the house!!! (I think this winter is making us both go stir crazy.)
We have weekly playdates, Mygym, Mom's group, Gym daycare, Trips to Barnes and Nobles (for the train table), and errands. I can not wait to add Storytime, Walks to the park and Swim lessons into the mix!!!
 A lot of our activities consist of stacking, sorting and organizing. I've saved quite a few fruit cups that are great for this. He also likes to hide things in the back of our couch cushions and in the drawer of his table. Besides that, we chase each other around the house a lot. He also looooooves the balls and small ball pit at Mygym. He carries them around and hates it when we have to put them away.
Logan has gotten really good at climbing. He will climb up and down the stairs, off and on the couch and especially all over his little Pottery Barn Kids chair. We had a few close calls lately where he is trying to climb over the back and sides. Geoff was smart and taught him how to go down the stairs and off the couch. Now we practice those skills daily and I feel a lot better about his climbing, even though it still makes me nervous. At our Mygym classes, he will now make a beeline for the tallest slides and climb up to the top.
Eating is going well. A few favorites lately are quinoa, applesauce, oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt, cheese, butternut squash, tomato soup and grilled cheese. Veggies, grains and fruits are definitely the biggest hits. Meats are hit or miss... usually miss. Meatballs, Meatloaf, Ground turkey are ok but fish and chicken usually end up on the floor. Forget about the foods where he previously threw up after eating them (Avocado and Tilapia)... he wont even try them, though we do keep offering just in case. We've had a few days where he has been really picky but I chalked that up to molars and just gave him softer foods.

Everything is still going into his mouth all the time. Does this ever end? He walks around with puzzle pieces in his mouth all the time. We are constantly trying to tell him not to put things in his mouth when cruising around... it has no effect even though we are pretty sure he understands us.

Sleep is good. We are down to one nap and a day and most days it is anywhere from 2-3 hours. Any shorter than that and he gets a little cranky at the end of the night. Usually bedtime is 8pm and we get up around 8am. I did have an afternoon where he was a little out of sorts and took a nap on me in the rocker. That hasn't happened in forever and I savored every second of it.
Books have become a big thing in this house (finally!!!) and we read 3-4 books before both storytime and bed each night. I love it. I try and rotate the books in different rooms so we can read them all but Little Blue Truck and Goodnight Moon are read daily. I sometimes find him flipping through books on his own or he brings them over to me and plops down in my lap. One of my favorite things is watching Geoff read books with Logan...

15 month rundown

Weight- Around 23 lbs
New words- No, Please, This, That
Teeth- All teeth are basically in besides 2 year Molars!
Likes- Snuggles, Bath time, Making complete messes at meal time, eating out of his snack cup, climbing, reading books, Running around.
Dislikes- Diaper changes, Getting his Nose wiped, Being told no, Being held when he wants to walk, Leaving Mygym (he tries to sneak back in to the balls every time).

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