February 4, 2014

Day in the life- 13 month old.

Well, hope everyone enjoyed (those who actually took the time to read, thanks!) yesterdays post. You can get a clear picture of how much life changes, and stays the same, in a short 6 months! Here was our day yesterday- which was a pretty typical Monday.

We start our day at 8am. Geoff is on a trip, so it's just Logan and myself. I am trying to be more of a morning person and wake up earlier but I need my energy today as the sole parent so I'm still in bed when I hear him start to play on the monitor. I drag myself out of bed and downstairs, start coffee, heat up some milk and head upstairs to get Logan. He is playing in his crib. He turns on the aquarium, throws animals and blankets on the floor (if he didn't already before falling asleep) and once I come in we play a few rounds of peekaboo before I lift him out.

He sleeps in a Halo early walkers sleeper which is so big it's funny. I change his diaper (which he is not happy about) and we head downstairs. He gets milk on the couch while I scroll through blogs until he is done.
I let him play for a bit while I make breakfast. Usually this is his time to walk around (his new favorite activity) and whine at my feet. Totally understandable, we are both hungry. I try and hold him while I finish up and then we both sit down to eat. Today I have oatmeal while he has a waffle, some blueberries, bites of my oatmeal and half a pear.
Geoff calls, so we FaceTime for a bit before he gets ready for work. It's always nice when we can catch him when Logan is awake and we are home.

I sip my coffee and watch him until he lets me know he is done (throws food on the floor or hides it next to him in the seat) if there is anything left. He is a mess today so I wipe him down (actually take off his PJ's) and the let him down to play. I always try and tell Logan what we are doing next and I find I say the same thing everyday a lot.
"Mama is going to clean up breakfast now and then I'll be in to play with you"
We have a good groove going, Logan walks/crawls into the dining room-which right now is sans furniture and full of toys- to play independently while I actually get to clean up breakfast and put away dishes.

I come join him and we play for a bit before heading upstairs. I get ready for our day while he hangs out in our room. While I shower, he hangs out in a walker watching a few minutes of Sesame Street. I try and keep tv to a minimum but when he does watch it, it's either Sesame Street or Baby Einstein (total life saver when you really need to do something- aka shower). I still have to have him somewhat contained to keep him safe since he loves to explore everything nowdays.
Once I'm done, it's his turn. This takes much longer because he likes to stop in the third bedroom to play for a while before finally going into his own room. (Yes, our whole house is covered in toys. haha.)
I pretty much dress him while he is moving around. So much easier than the wrestling match that occurs if I try and lay him down on his back.
11:30 we get into the car and head to a MyGym class. Today a lot of kids are sick so it's actually just Logan and his friend Paige. They have so much fun today playing with all the setups. MyGym is a really fun class with songs, dances and activities. It takes him a little bit to warm up but each time we go, I think he enjoys it more and more.

Once we get home, it is a race to the nursery- this kid is tired! Diaper change, milk and then into the crib for his nap. He is down by 1:20. We have been going back and forth from one nap a day- back to two. Three days a week we have activities in the morning (Mygym, playdates and moms group) so those days we are forced into one nap. Soon I'll be adding on swim lessons so I think one nap will be more common for us.
I head downstairs, make myself lunch and relax on the couch. I watch Silver Linings Playbook for a little while. After about an hour, I clean up lunch and start tackling more items on my to-do list. I try and switch up what I do each day relax/productivity just in case his nap is short, I don't feel like I never get to relax or tackle some chores.
Up at 4:15. I hear him start to make noises and a quick check on the monitor tells me he is playing with Scout in his crib. I finish an email, race up stairs to change and go in to get him. That was a great nap!

Next is a late lunch. Logan eats while I prep dinner. We clean up and I get him back into his coat and shoes to head to the gym.
We get there about 6pm and Logan immediately crawls off and starts playing. This is the first time he hasn't really cried when I've dropped him off myself. Progress! I stop in to an abs class (killer) and then do a Leg's day set. He is happily running around and doing downward dogs when I go in to get him. We bundle back up and head back home.

At home, I quickly make Logan a grilled cheese. I'm having tofu, asparagus and quinoa (which he will have leftovers for dinner tomorrow). He eats while I cook. I turn his highchair around so he can watch what I'm doing. I hate when we don't get to eat together but evenings when I am feeling rushed, there really isn't any way around it.
We head up for a bath around 8pm. He splashes around while I try and clean him up. Pj's are on and it's bottle time- which he completely refuses. We brush his teeth, sing our goodnight song and he's in his crib before 8:30. I hear and watch him play until around 9pm.

It's time for me to eat... around 9 I sit down, enjoy dinner and watch a little bit of the Bachelor.

I'm still awake organizing my closet when I hear Geoff pull in a little after 10:30. I head downstairs and make us both a hot chocolate while we tell each other about our days. I think I get to sleep around midnight (oops.) and sleep until we hear Logan again at 8am this morning.

That is it! Our day in a nutshell. If you've made it to here... thanks for reading. :)

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