February 3, 2014

Day in the Life- 7 months. (Yup, super late post here)

*okay, here I go again. Here's the deal... I was cleaning up my email and my blog space when I noticed I had a few drafts never published. Low an behold, there is a day in the life from when Logan was around 7 months old.  It was amazing to me how I can still remember those days but how different things are now. So, I'm posting it, without photos. Tomorrow I will post what our life looks like today with a ton of photos to make up for it, haha.*

I always love reading "day in the life" posts on other blogs. I don't know why, really. Maybe it's the same fascination as reality tv... feeling like you get a glimpse into how someone else spends their time in another part of the world... It's also nice to get new ideas of things to do with my little man when it is just the two of us.

Since we just traveled to Seattle for two weeks and are re-adjusting to the eastern time zone, I thought I would document our day today (Wednesday) and just note that our times for sleep and naps are a little off what our day normally looks like.

8am- Logan wakes us. Sometimes he will turn on the music to the mobile and entertain himself for a while, other times he starts yelling for us right away. Geoff is home so he lets me sleep in just a little longer and gets up with Logan for some boy bonding time.
He feeds Logan a bottle of milk, changes him and then they play in the family room.

9am- I smell the coffee brewing and head out to join the family. Geoff is about to feed Logan some yogurt for breakfast and I pour myself a cup of coffee and make breakfast. We all eat.

9:30am- Logan crawls around the floor while we watch him and chat about what we need to get done before we head to Seattle.

10am- Mornings are like clockwork over here. Two hours after Logan gets up, he is back down for a nap. This is the most reliable part of our day as afternoon naps are hit and miss. We change him, take him into his nursery and down he goes in his swing. (We had been trying to transition him into naps in the crib but he naps so well in his swing that we are just going with it until he outgrows it. That will be a sad sad day.)

Geoff finishes getting ready for work while I clean up the kitchen. If I were home alone, this is when I either workout, shower or attempt to do both.

11:45am- Logan wakes up. I feed him, change him and get ready to head out for a bit.

12:30pm- We head out the door. Mom's group is only a 5 minute drive but I run through Starbucks drive thru for an iced tea for group. I pretty much only get Starbucks when I'm headed to group so it's my weekly treat.

1pm- We sit around with all the other mom's and babies and chat. Logan crawls, gives other babies kisses and finally takes a short mini nap while I bounce him. Since he is home with me everyday, I like to get him around other kids as often as possible. It also helps me to meet other moms and make friends. I love my weekly mom's group!

4pm- We leave and head back home for a proper nap. I nurse Logan, we have a small snack of peaches and he is back down for a nap. This time I throw on some workout clothes and attempt to start my daily Insanity workout.

5:15- Logan is awake. I head in to get him, change him and out we go into the living room. I place him in his Exersaucer while I vaccum, prep dinner quickly and finish up a little stretching.

We call my mom and dad on Facetime and have a nice chat with them. Usually this time in the evening we go for a walk or into the pool, however, today was one of the hottest days of summer so I am not taking him out in the heat.

7- We both eat dinner. Logan has some avocados while I eat chicken with sweet potato (I cooked two and mashed one up for him to eat tomorrow). We clean up and head in for Logan's bath. Logan now loves bath time so we splish and splash in the tub for a while. After he is done, I quickly dry him off and he gets into his pjs.

After a little fun of rolling around the bed in his room, we snuggle into the rocker for one last nursing session. He falls asleep after 10 minutes and I quietly place him in his crib and tip toe out.

He is usually down for the night anywhere between 7:30 and 9pm depending on our day. I finish cleaning up dinner, prep the kitchen for breakfast and collapse on the couch for a little while.

11pm- Waaaaay too late, I drag myself to bed. Logan is still getting up around once a night to nurse and then back down until 8. I look at a few photos that we took today on my phone and off to sleep I go... ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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