December 17, 2013

Back to work anxiety

As much as I can't believe that I now have a one year old... it's even more foreign to me that I am headed back to work.

Wednesday, I fly to Florida to get back up to speed on all things Flight Attendant. I have a day of requal, followed by another day of my yearly recurrent training that I usually have in Feb. I will be gone for a total of 3 nights and I honestly have a slight ok, major feelings of anxiety about it. Ask me right now and I will tell you, flat out with every ounce in my being, that I do not want to go.

But... I am going so here is what I do know-
I know that it will be good for me.
I know that I will enjoy having adult conversations and the social aspect of working with the public.
I know that I really do enjoy my job (90% of the time- lets be real, weather and delays when you are traveling really stink for passengers and crew alike & I would rather sleep in my bed than a hotels)
I know that Logan will be ok without me.
I know that I most likely will be glad to be back to work.
I know that I am going back part time and feel like a crazy person even having anxiety about this.

All normal feelings right? That is what I am telling myself to help myself through this. 

Transitions are hard. Having a baby was a major one... it took me a while to find my groove and now that I have... I am really really happy with my life. Just when I feel like I am in a groove.... boom... time to mix it all up and head back to work. Sad.

For all of you moms, who are back to work or have gone back to work really early on... you are my inspiration during this transition. Any advice for this newbie working mama?

Now, excuse me while I go pack extra tissues and some chocolate in my bags for when I am crying alone in my hotel room stuffing my face with junior mints and looking at photos of my child... cause you know that is real life right there.


Anonymous said...

I'm a former FA that did not go back to SWA and I regret it every day! I love being with my son, but I think it would have been good for both of us to have time apart. My husband is a pilot too, so, it would have been really hard to manage with 2 traveling parents. But, I do wish we had tried it out. Good luck with the transition back to the flying world! I bet once you get back into it, you'll find a happy balance between work life and home life. It's awesome you can work part time, too!

Brittney said...

I feel for ya, going back to work wasn't easy for me either, but eventually it becomes your new normal. I'm curious how you guys are handling Logan while you travel? Do you get opposite schedules while one of you is home or do you have someone else who stays with him?