December 16, 2013


and just like that... we have a one year old.

How unbelievable.

365 days of pure joy, exhaustion, tears and laughter.
A million times I told you that I loved you.
Hundreds of photos taken on our phones and cameras.
14 flights in your first year, all to visit family and friends! 
12 months of being exclusively breastfed.
11 teeth that have officially popped through (and one on the verge)
5 days, the longest I was away from you all year.
3 sporting events attended, two baseball and one college football game
2 ladybugs consumed (and two times I googled to make sure they weren't poisonous...)

More hugs and kisses in the day than I can count.
One incredible little boy!

It's amazing to me that one year ago, I met this little person who has filled my days and my heart with so much joy and laughter. Today I can say that he has stolen my heart. I love you Logan!

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Brittney said...

I can't believe Logan is already one!! Happy Birthday to the little guy :)