October 20, 2013

Breakfasts with Chobani

I used to hate breakfast. I remember when I was in high school, my dad would heat up little sausage biscuits for me in the morning for me to eat on the drive to school. In college, I favored sleep over breakfast as I pulled a lot of late night and all-nighters (art school was full of big projects and it was hard- in a really fun way).

When I started flying, I realized that early mornings, late nights, full long days and jet lag can all lead to getting pretty sick. So, started to be more aware of what I was putting in my body and started to eat breakfast. One of the easiest things to pack was yogurt and a banana. We would get the big packs of Chobani cups from Costco and that is what I ate most mornings on the road.
(Weird fact about me... I had jaw surgery in high school so I had to eat soft foods like yogurt for a while. Now, I can't really stand the texture of most yogurts but I can stomach greek yogurts because they are a thicker consistency.)

Enough of me, lets talk about Logan.
Breakfast is an important part of the day so we are trying to set a good example early on for Logan. When we started solids, we first ate dinner together, then we added in breakfast and last was lunch.

Our favorite breakfasts have been
-Fruit (peaches, banana, mango, berries...)
-Eggos, Toast, Pancakes or French Toast
-Oatmeal (we don't do the baby oatmeal, I just make the plain and sometimes stir in fruit)
(We tried eggs but that wasn't a hit)
Chobani was nice enough to send us a box of Chobani Champion tubes for Logan to try. We had Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Blueberry, Cherry and a new flavor flyin Dragonfruit.

We tried to let Logan eat right out of the tube a few times but that proved to be pretty messy... he loved every second of it though!
Logan liked all the flavors but the two he gobbled up the quickest were the Dragonfruit and the Strawberry. We ate them plain, froze them and brought them out with us, added fruit into them, spread the yogurt on eggos; smashed graham crackers into the yogurt for a little bit of texture.
We even bought those little mesh holders, froze the yogurt in ice trays and we gave it to him when we was teething- that was a huge hit!
My favorite was the cherry flavor. When I needed a late night treat, I added a spoonful of chocolate chips into the cherry yogurt!
I've really enjoyed sharing something that I eat a lot of with Logan. It's helped to expand our breakfast line up and been a huge hit with both of us! Thanks Chobani!

*We received the yogurt free from Chobani to taste, all opinions are our own!

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