October 26, 2013

9 &10 months

Well, some how in the madness of moving and life I totally missed my 9 month update. Oops. Life has been going by so fast and I can't seem to completely catch up- ever! I wanted to type that I have been too 'busy'... but the truth is I have been enjoying our days together so much that I haven't had the desire to sit in front of the computer for some time. Since it all blurs together, I'm just going to recap he past two months together.
When we left off, my little teething monster was getting his 9th and 10th tooth. Desperate for some relief, I seriously hoped we would finally get a break. Buuuuuut.... That wasn't the case. His 11th and 12th followed close behind. Womp, Womp. He has 8 that look like real teeth and four that are little slits/pokes coming through. I don't even know what a non-teething baby is like anymore. Logan is constantly putting everything and anything into his mouth and even crawls around the house with random objects in his mouth.

Speaking of crawling... Logan was army crawling all over the place until about 9 months when we moved into our new house. I think the hard wood floors creeped him out and he has been regular crawling ever since. It took him a while but he finally found the stairs. He crawled right over and started climbing... didn't even stop for a second. How do babies just know what to do? We installed a gate at the top of our stairs and are working on a solution for the bottom because we do not want to drill into the banister.
As for baby proofing... it's not so easy to do in an open concept house so we closed up all the kitchen cabinets with some awesome magnetic locks and are going to let him run wild once we get the stairs taken care of.
My parents came up to visit, right before we moved, and brought up my Great Aunt with them. We had a blast showing them around our neighborhood, walking around Portsmouth and watching a Red Soxs game! (We are trying to embrace the teams here- since we are now permanent... even though I will always be a Cincinnati Reds fan!) Super fun now that they are in the World Series! :)
Like last year, we decided to take Logan apple picking. We picked a nice fall day and headed out. What basically happened was I wore Logan and we watched while Geoff picked all the apples.
It was still loads of fun and I've been working my way through cooking up those suckers. So far we've had homemade crockpot applesauce, apple crisp and apple cinnamon pancakes... any other suggestions? I am already excited for next year when Logan can actually help us pick!
Sleep has been going well. Most nights he will go down around 8-9pm and sleep until 8-9am. It's heaven. He has a night wake up maybe once a week or every two weeks where he just wants to play for a few hours- those nights aren't so great. He's lucky they don't happen very often and we think he is cute. :) Naps are ok. He is down to 2 naps a day and they are great when we are home, not so great if we are out and about.
I always hope when we go for our runs outside (which happens about once a week) that he will take a nap, but he always looks like this. Kinda bored, wide awake.
Around 9 months, Logan got hit with a case of reallllly bad diaper rash. It was killer. It messed up sleep, he pretty much lived off a diet of Toast, Banana's, Rice and Applesauce and sleep was horrible. Everyone kept telling me it was teething but I think it was a bug going around. Luckily by two weeks later... things were back to normal.
He's been eating a ton and it is so much fun to cook meals for the 3 of us. I can't always serve him what we are having but I do most of the time. I do a few purees but mostly finger foods now since he is so good at feeding himself. It's been hysterical to watch him dig into meals. We had spaghetti squash the other night and he LOVED it! It was a complete mess but nothing a good bath couldn't fix.
Other foods he has loved recently- pumpkin, acorn and butternut squash, hummus, grilled cheese, beets, chicken. There isn't a whole lot this kid wont eat and we are loving it however, he is starting to get quite opinionated and will push things away from him when he doesn't want them (like cups of water). We also started that fun game of dropping everything on the floor on purpose. yikes!
New developments in the past two months-
We are definitely clapping and waving. Logan loves to start clapping then stop when we clap with him and once we stop, he starts again. At first I thought it was a funny game we were playing with him but I quickly realized that it's a fun game he is playing with us... too smart already!
Logan will now give kisses and share his toys or food.
He is pulling up and cruising on everything but doesn't seem to interested in trying to stand or walk on his own (or with the walker toy we have for him).
He likes to open and close things... books, doors, cabinets. We have the little people farm and it makes animal noises when he opens the barn doors. He and I both love it! Too cute.
Likes: Opening doors, Eating, Climbing on everything, Bath time, Playdates, Peekaboo, Clapping.

Dislikes: Getting dressed or diaper changed. Getting into and out of the carseat.

Noises: We are babbling and have heard Mama and Baba quite a few times (even though he says Mama more often) Pretty sure we can mark those down as his first words. :)

Worst moment- I left for 5 days on a girls weekend and face timing with Logan was killer. I'm writing a post on the experience for a later discussion. 

Best moment- Moving into our house and making it a home for my little family of 3.

At his 9 month checkup he weighed 18lbs 6oz.


Brittney said...

He's SO CUTE :) We got baby gates for our stairs that can be velcro'd around banisters so you don't have to drill into them at Babies R Us. Also check out this tutorial: http://foxfamilyincary.blogspot.com/2011/07/installing-baby-gate-without-drilling.html
Allie still has NO teeth! I can't believe Logan has so many!

Becky said...

I pinned this as a possible dog/baby gate for our Swiss apartment. Maybe it would work with your banisters? http://www.pinterest.com/pin/72339137738162916/