October 7, 2013

Life lately

Hello again friends!

I finally feel like we are getting back into the swing of life.
In the past 10 years, I have moved more than I would ever like to think about (at least once a year, some years even more... yikes) but there is nothing like moving into a house to shake up life for a while. I guess the fact that this move is much much more permanent has left us a little on the slow side. Instead of just setting up our stuff and going about our business, we have been agonizing over every placement of our belongings... not wanting to make holes in the walls until we know where we really want things to go. Throw in the fact that we want to paint most of the rooms AND we have a baby who is into everything... well, you get the picture.

Anyways, big news is we are now home owners. Woo hoo!

Now that most of the boxes are gone (aka hiding in the basement) we have been enjoying our space and trying to baby proof it, best we can. We have a pretty open floor plan on the main floor. Our dining room is Logan's play room for the time being until we get our dining room set brought up from Ohio. We have him trapped in there with a baby gate and a few strategically placed pieces of furniture. The opening into the kitchen is large and I can't seem to find a baby gate large enough to close it that doesn't cost over $150.
Anyone have any advice??? We will probably just try and keep the downstairs clutter free so Logan can crawl from room to room unless we can come up with a better solution for now.
I have been trying to clean, unpack and keep up with the daily household while Logan naps and sleeps. This little guy is so quick when he is awake and I like to play with him or get out of the house for a bit in each day so we don't go stir crazy...
Anyways, just wanted to get the ball rolling on here again. We are having a rainy day so I'll be doing a little relaxing by the fire during Logan's nap! Happy Monday. 

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