August 11, 2013

Food on the go, Happy Family

Since starting Logan on solids, I have been making the majority of his foods. It's been really easy, saves us money and I know exactly what he is eating. I got this book- The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet and have been using the wholesomebabyfood website as well as guidance.

When we traveled home to Cincinnati in June, Logan was only eating once, sometimes twice a day. I thought it would be easy to just make some food for the week at my parents house. We had bananas, sweet potato puree, yogurt, applesauce... nothing too fancy since it was still new.

Fast forward to now... Logan eats a solid 3 meals a day (while still nursing 5-6 daily) and he has eaten a variety of foods. I mix and match combos and add new foods daily. We give him purees and bites of whatever we are having. He has gotten really good at picking up foods and wants to feed himself most of the time.

Packing for Seattle, I knew we would be out and about most days and I honestly didn't want to take the time away from family stressing over what we would feed him. So, I researched baby food and settled on Happy Family products.
Happy Family is owned and operated by moms, started by mom Shazi, they work with pediatricians and nutritionists to develop organic meals and snacks.
I was fortunate enough to have Happy Family send me a few coupons to try out some of their products and Logan liked them enough that we bought more to last our whole visit. (About 2 pouches a day).

In the mornings, we gave Logan yogurt, cut up fruit and a few cheerios (he is very good at chewing with his 8 teeth). At lunches and dinners, we would give him puffs or yogurt drops until our meals came out and then finish off with a pouch of food. Before bed, we would usually share more fruit if we were having some for desert. We kept him entertained, he got to eat with us and we also had time to enjoy our meals together as a family. We tried feeding him some of the time with spoons, however, he is getting really good at his pincher grip and likes to feed himself. Most of the time he was much happier holding the pouches and eating that way... I think he is on his way to being quite the independent little soul!

We picked up many different combination of foods and I felt good knowing that we were giving Logan nutritious food while we were on the road. I liked that he was able to try some new combinations (like beets) without any additives like high fructose corn syrup or trans fats, and the packaging is made without using any BPA.
I aimed for him to have more fruit combos for lunches and those containing vegetables for dinner... this is our routine at home for now so I wanted to keep some sort of consistency. 

A few of Logan's favorite combinations were
blueberry, pear & beet
spinach mango & pear
sweet potato, apple, carrot & cinnamon
kale, apple & mango
strawberry, kiwi, beet & pear

he did not really like chick chick or green bean, pear and peas (still a no go for peas).

All in all, I was very happy with our choice to go with Happy Family products. It is a little weird that I feel so particular on what goes into my little boys mouth right now since I imagined myself being a bit more laid back. However, it feels really good to know that my little one is thriving and growing. I don't mind the time I took to research what goes into his packaged foods because I am not working right now and I have loads of time to do so. 

If you want more information on Happy Family, you can check out their website, facebook, or twitter.

*This product was received for review, no other compensation was provided. All views expressed are honest and my own and had Happy Family not sent me coupons, I would have still purchased these products on my own! :)

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