August 9, 2013


We are home from Seattle and what a fun fun trip we had! It is always so good to spend time with family (and have a few other faces and hands to help entertain Logan). I do have to say that I am so thankful for technology as we facetime with family often and because of this, Logan immediately recognized everyone and was all smiles. It was extremely fun to see him interacting with his cousins again and they were so excited to see him everyday. They would run over and shout "Logan" every time we walked into the room, rubbing his head and giving him hugs. He is much more expressive now then he was when we traveled to Edmonton and they Loved to make him laugh.

While we were there, we did the usual things we always do... relax, eat a ton of food, go to a Mariners game and try to sleep in as best as we could with the time change and baby. We also went to a few new spots this year which was really fun and I already can't wait to take Logan back next year. :)

Here are a few of the Highlights-
Our first full day in Seattle, we headed to the Mariners game. We enjoyed Garlic Fries, Hotdogs and Nachos. This was Logan's first baseball game and while I think he enjoyed the sights and sounds, the fries were definitely his favorite part.

The next day we went over to Alki Beach for the afternoon. I've been here before on past trips and just LOVE Alki Beach. We had lunch at Marination Station (tacos... yum!) overlooking downtown Seattle. It was a gorgeous day out, so we had a great time walking around and sticking our feet into the water- Logan included.  The beach here isn't the soft sand that I've known down in Florida and the Carolinas but that didn't stop us from enjoying the water.

I had not been to Green Lake Park before so when we had more good weather, we decided to spend the afternoon here. We ate delicious chowder at Dukes located across from the park. After we finished we crossed the street and took the walk around the lake. This place was amazing. It has a beautiful lake with lots of people walking, running and biking. There were people playing instruments, others swimming and paddle boarding in the lake and by the beach area, there is a smaller wading pool and a HUGE playground for kids. We watched the nephews run around while Logan napped and then after he was awake, I hit the swings with everyone. I do not remember the last time I was able to really play on a playground and I got excited for the day I can swing with Logan and see who can go the highest. :) We spent all afternoon here and the kids were sad to leave.
(Let's be honest, I was sad to leave as well!)
Another day, we headed over to Magnolia where my brother and sister in law are moving this fall. We got to check out their new house and then headed over to walk around Discovery Park. This is a huge park (I'm pretty sure it is the biggest park in Seattle...) and we popped Logan in the stroller to walk to see the lighthouse and beach area. Little did we know that our route took us up and down stairs. Oops. I ended up wearing Logan in my Boba carrier for the whole walk back while Geoff and his brother carried the stroller. Good to know for the next time we visit! It was a beautiful walk/hike and I can't wait to come back when Logan is running around.

One afternoon, we headed downtown to Pikes Place Market. I love visiting Markets and this one is so much fun to walk around and take in the flowers, produce and watch the guys tossing fish around. We took a few photos over at the bubble gum wall and then walked over to the waterfront where they have a big Ferris Wheel set up. We saw it last year while we were visiting and decided to check it out this time. For the price, you get three rotations on the wheel with some pretty nice views of Seattle and the water. Logan had a minor melt down for the first round but we were able to get him settled for the second two. I know I enjoyed it but not sure if he did. Oops.
As you can see, we lucked out with some lovely weather. It didn't rain at all until our second week in town and even then, it wasn't too much.
We spent a few afternoons letting Logan nap since we had him out and about for full days. I've mentioned this before but we ate out a LOT. The food in Seattle is just too good not to. We started Logan on 3 meals a day once we got here because he definitely does not like to sit there and watch us eat. He wants in on the action and right now he has a BIG appetite.

Our last day in town, I wanted some family photos of us since I get a lot of Logan but not enough of the three of us. Adel took our engagement photos for us two years ago in Seattle so I was excited to have him take more of us. I can't wait to get those once he is done editing them!

Anyways, that is what we have been up to for the past two weeks! Hope everyone is having a great start to August!

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CourtneyLove said...

I love Logans eyebrow and last pic of of Geoff and Logan. Soo jealous of your trip. Looks amazing!