August 21, 2013

8 months old

I feel like I just wrote our 7 month post and here I am again writing about the passing of another month! Slow down August...
We spent half of this last month with family in Seattle which was amazing! I guess that is why 7 months seemed to slip right by.
I think the number one thing new moms tend to talk about in the first year is sleep. So lets get right to it. The week before we left, Logan started to sleep completely through the night. (we are talking 11-12 hour stretches here people... it was amazing.) Due to time changes, teething and not being in his crib we were getting up once or twice a night the whole 2 weeks we were there. This left mom and dad tiiiiiiired. Once we got back home, we had a night of transition and then the magic started again. We have had one "off night" where Logan woke up with a fever but other than that we have been getting 10-13 hour stretches of sleep. Woo hoo. Our bedtime is still later than it was and it's been a little bit of a struggle to transition him back to eastern time... but we will get there eventually.

While in Seattle, Logan got his 6th, 7th and 8th tooth all at the same time. (Fun, right?) I thought we were going to have a small break after that... nope. The morning after he had his fever, we checked his gums and low and behold his two upper cuspids are coming through making this is 9th and 10th tooth. These have been much worse than the others. He has been drooling (which he doesn't do) and a bit more clingy these days and I feel so bad for him. We have been breaking out all the teething toys we have, letting him suck on wet, frozen washcloths and giving him half of a frozen waffle to help. It pretty much sucks. I try and save the baby oragel and tylenol for when it gets really bad. (Hylands teething tablets do not help us at all). Any other suggestions that I am missing? I am now officially scared for his molars to come in. yikes...

Other than teeth troubles, we have been having so much fun at this stage. His little personality is really shining through and I feel so lucky to have such a happy baby to spend my days with. He is constantly giving us big grins and belly laughs all day long.

Logan is still army crawling. He gets up on his hands and knees to rock back and forth, then plops back down on his stomach and off he goes. He is really fast at crawling and has figured out where all the cords are in the whole apartment. He will look back at me with a grin and then scoot off to explore. I have been having to shut doors to rooms that aren't quite baby proofed. We finally found a house and close on the 20th of September (woo hoo!) so we are trying to wait until we get into our house to cover cords and put up gates. Until then, I have to keep one eye on him at all times.

Logan also has learned how to pull himself up onto his knees and stand. This has been amazing to watch, but also has led to a few tumbles and tears. However, once he gets over the shock of falling over, he is up again... fearless little guy. We have resulted in placing pillows around him when we see him pull up (usually at the balcony door and by his little piano). We try and stay close but it's unrealistic to think we are going to be in arms reach every moment. Good thing little boys are tough!

 Eating is still going really well. We are still doing a variety of purees and I mainly put them in pouches for when we are out around lunch or dinner time. Otherwise, Logan loves to feed himself and feeding him with a spoon takes twice as long as giving him "finger foods". He also doesn't like it when we are eating something different than him. Usually at dinner I give him bites of what I am eating with spoonfuls of veggies in between. I go between wanting to continue purees to wanting to just switch to more of a full on baby led weaning...

Logan has started to wave to us which has me super happy. When he is sitting up and gets really excited, he fails and hits his arms together which I am convinced that he is trying to clap. (I am a huge clapper and clap for him all day long.) We are trying to teach him now to blow kisses. :)
Also, we are still working on some baby signs. I think he understands milk, eat and more but hasn't attempted to sign back to us just yet.

We've gone to the pool a few more times and he still seems to love it. I am hoping to get him into baby swim lessons soon and enjoy the pool a few more times before the close it up and we move into our house.

It feels like we have hit a stage where Logan is really growing in leaps and bounds. I am so happy that I get to be home and experience all of his daily changes and growths. Again, I can not wait to see what happens next! 

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