July 21, 2013

7 months

Well this month has been the craziest month of changes yet! I read back through our 6 month recap just to remind myself where we were a month ago and it's shocking to me how fast my little boy is growing. (2 weeks old vs 7 months old)

Biggest thing is we have started Crawling! Right now we are still "army" crawling. Logan will get up on his knees every so often and start to rock but then he will flop to his belly and off he goes. This kid is FAST already. Not only is he gaining speed, but he can find cords to our electronics faster than we can babyproof. Right now we have a ton of strategically placed boxes in front of places we still aren't sure how to cover. It's working for now but I know it is only a temporary fix. He also loves to chase after anything we've left (by mistake) for him to reach. Favorites include cords, strings, paper, straps, phones and ipads.

Logan loves to "stand" (with a little help from mom) and he can sit on his own for a small amount of time and he is getting stronger each day. I try and find ways to practice with him each morning- usually sitting at his piano but he prefers to be crawling around and exploring much much more. Is this a boy thing?

We are teething again. Since he got his first two teeth around 4 months, I have been waiting for the top two teeth to break through. All the signs were back and I couldn't understand what was taking so long. While we were in Cincinnati, he was biting my finger and I felt a tooth. It was the tooth next to the front tooth and it was already in. Wasn't even looking for those so it kind of shocked me. He looks like a baby vampire right now but before we could even get a break, the front ones are coming in now as well. So he has 5 teeth in and waiting on the 6th to break through. yikes!
Eating is going well and we have quickly learned that this kid loves to eat. I was a little hesitant to start foods early since 6 months is the recommended age, but he has taken to all kinds of food very easily. I am glad that we watched for his cues and listened to our guts. Since we are eating mostly purees, we try and let him tell us when he has had enough. I've been working on a few signs with him such as eat, more and water. Right now, he whines at us if he wants more and we are taking too long and he will push the spoon away when he is done. Pretty amazing to watch him start to communicate to us. We do give him some food to chew on if we are watching him, celery and asparagus have been big hits!

There really is no history of allergies that run in our family so now we introduce new foods all the time. We joined a CSA and now receive a box of veggies every week. It's really fun for me and Geoff to try new things I may not have picked up at the store, but now we also get to watch Logan try them with us. I gave him a bite of my kohlrabi last night and tonight night he will try beets with blueberries.
Sleep is okay right now. We are out of the Magic Sleepsuit since Logan started rolling over in it, and now just going to bed in a sleepsack. This past week he has been waking once a night at random times. The first night I thought he was hungry or hurting from teething so I fed him, but it didn't really help anything. I can't tell if it is teething pain or just the fact that he can crawl. He is just babbling and crawling into the rails of the bed for about 20-30 minutes. If we leave him be he will put himself back to sleep. Of course I'm awake the whole time watching him on our monitor to make sure he doesn't really need either of us. He is also a belly sleeper just like Dad. Other than the night wakeup, he goes down at 8:30 and wakes up (usually) between 7 and 8. Hopefully we will go back to sleeping all the way through the night very soon!

We had another trip this past month to Cincinnati. We had so much fun spending time with friends and family. I feel lucky that we are able to visit family as often as we do, but also sad that everyone only gets to see him every few months. I guess that is one of the reasons I continue to blog. To share with everyone whats been going on over here. On a happier note, we are heading to Seattle soon for two weeks with the family. Can. Not. Wait!!!

Other than that, we have been trying to enjoy the summer weather in the mornings and evenings with runs/walks in the stroller and pool time. I'm trying my best to concentrate on today instead of worrying about going back to work in a few months.

Being held
People watching
Bath and pool time
strings, cords, tag, water bottles
crawling and standing
eating books
seeing himself in mirrors

Being in the carseat
Diaper changes
Getting dressed

If I didn't feel busy before, I sure do now chasing this little guy around. I know it will only get crazier and I can't wait to see what comes next. :)

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