June 29, 2013

6 months of fun

6 months... half a year... it is amazing how quickly time passes by with a newborn. It's weird but it is seriously so slow feeling but yet so fast. Our squishy little newborn is now a big strong baby.
At his appointment he weighed in at 16 lbs, 3 oz and 26 inches long! 
This past month has been full of excitement! Here are a few of the things that this month brought:
We took our first trip out of the country to visit family in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. (Yay for baby passports and getting his first passport stamps) We had time changes, different sleeping arrangements and lots of outings. We all did fairly well and it was so nice to have lots of extra hands for helping. I miss everyone and can't wait until we get to see them all again in Seattle soon.
We started feeding Logan solid food!
Since writing the post on solids, we have tried Pears- which he loved and Peas. The peas did not go over well... it was like I was trying to poison him. There was a lot of gagging and afterwards we both ate applesauce instead.
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling all over the place. Back to belly, belly to back. This kid does not stop moving. If he sees something he wants, he can do a combo of rolling and sticking his butt into the air and scooting for it. Not quite crawling yet but we can see it's on the horizon. Yikes! He can sit for a short amount of time but still slumps a little... getting stronger every day!
He now holds his own bottle. This I wouldn't know about because I don't feed him bottles, Geoff does. He took some photos to show me and I have to say it is pretty stinkin' cute!

Loves bath time but he is getting sneaky during it. The other day he wiggled down pretty low to the water and when he thought Geoff and I weren't looking he turned his head and tried to suck up some water to drink. Silly boy! He also grabs at the washcloths and tries to suck on those as well. We now have to give him bath toys to distract him while we quickly scrub him down.

We took our first run with the jogging stroller. I have been hesitant to take Logan out for a slow run thus far. He has wonderful head control and loves going for walks. I found a paved, smooth trail not too far a drive from us so I finally took him out for a 3 mile run. He loved it... and so did I. It felt so good to be out running that I ran a little farther than I intended and was super sore the next day. oops. ;)

First sickness. The other night we heard Logan coughing and coughing and then start to cry. Geoff went in to find him in a pool of vomit. :( Sad!!!! For the next hour, he vomited and dry heaved as we gave him a bath, changed the sheets on his crib, had skin to skin time, cuddled and called the doctor on call. He spent that night sleeping in between Geoff and myself with towels and burp clothes nearby. He was so pale and look so confused each time he got sick but never cried. He is already such a strong little guy- it is really amazing to see.

We've been going to a Mom's group that is down the road from where we are living. It's a pretty cool place that has all sorts of activities like music classes, yoga, signing class, people to help with sleep or feeding problems, duolas, mom's groups, etc. I try and go at least once a week while Geoff is working. It's been wonderful to talk with other moms and get Logan socializing around more babies. Since I have no family around me and very few friends, it's been wonderful to meet others and set up playdates. I have learned by watching the other babies that I  really have an active little guy on my hands. While other moms can soothe their babies into naps while we are there... Logan is rolling, smiling, flirting and jumping all around until we leave (and then he crashes for a long nap when we get home).

Putting everything into his mouth
Chewing on tags
Standing up in his jumperoo and excersaucer.
Rolling everywhere
Stroller walks/runs
Being in the carriers
Mom's group

When mom picks his nose!

I love seeing his personality emerging more and more each day. This is one active kid but he is also so chill. Taking him out to run errands, walks in the stroller or even all day at the airport he will sit and people watch, take naps and hardly ever fusses unless something is wrong. I honestly feel like the luckiest person to be Logan's mama!

I can not wait to see what the second half of our year brings!


Jenn said...

What a gorgeous boy!!!! Congratulations, he's beautiful.

Alice said...

Found your blog through Twitter. He's so cute. I"m also a F/A on mat leave. My little guy just turned 9 months. Seeing your photos reminds me that I need to take more as time is flying by.