June 19, 2013

Logans first trip to Edmonton, Alberta

So a few weeks ago we traveled to Edmonton, Alberta in Canada to finally have Logan meet the rest of his family! Woo Hoo. Logan got his first stamp in his passport and we all survived a whole day of flying, time changes and co-sleeping (not what we planned for but it is what worked for us). That my friends, right there, is a successful trip... all the fun we had with family was "icing on the cake". (Cause lets be honest, as fun as I might make it sound... traveling with a baby is hard work.)

For the flight out- we flew Boston to Newark, switched terminals and then flew Newark to Edmonton. 5 hour flight taking off at 8pm- aka Logan's bedtime. I was Scared!!!! It went better than expected. I nursed on take off and then Logan was ready for bed. However, he was not in his crib so he was confused! It took a good 3 minutes of hard crying, loud shhhhhhing and a few kisses for him to promptly pass out on my chest for the rest of the flight. Those three minutes felt like 3 hours to us but really he held it together really well.

What wasn't so swell was when he woke up for deplaning, customs, the 40 minute ride "home" and then staying up for another hour to visit with family. By that time it was around 4am at home and now we wanted him to sleep? In a strange pack and play all by himself? Nope. Not going to happen. This is how we ended up sleeping with Logan in the middle of the bed and Geoff and myself perched on the edges for the rest of the trip. (No room for us since he was all marshmallowman-like in his Sleepsuit.) Whatever works, right?

The rest of the trip was wonderful. We hung out, played, went for walks, ate lots and lots of good food and enjoyed having Geoff's mom help out with Logan. She even watched him for us while we all went to see Star Trek in the movie theater. It was glorious to be out for a short while but I missed him like crazy!

We took him to the park one day and he had his first trip down the slide and first time in a swing. I think we were more excited than he was. 

The nephews were so so good with Logan. It was wonderful to see how much they loved him already. I can't wait until they can all run around and play together. Makes me excited for Logan to eventually have a brother or sister (even though I am no where near ready for another... yikes!)

I'm glad our boy is such a great little traveler thus far since we have trips to Cincinnati and Seattle coming up!

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