April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon

The Boston Marsthon.
26.2 miles.
Countless hours of running, eating right, recovery days, ice baths and lots of sleep.
Families and friends gather along the sidewalks to yell and cheer.
A day that should have been such a reason for celebration turned into one of sorrow instead.

I cried. It broke my heart to hear the news of two bombs going off near the finish line in a city I live so close to and have been loving so much. I could hardly watch the news....

Since becoming a mom, I look at the world in a new way. When bad things happen it makes me sad that Logan will one day understand that there is evil in the world. I'm afraid one day he will get hurt or be hurt or experience something like this.

But then I watched the news a little bit longer and I saw that right after the bombs went off, people went running towards it- to help. These people went not knowing if that would be the only blast. These people are Heros!

It reminded me that there will always be dark times and I must teach my boy to be a shining light instead. To follow the example of these individuals running to help, and to not be afraid but always be willing to help another.

It's not what happens but how we react to what happens that shows us who we truly are.

I like to believe that there is much more light in the works than darkness.

My thoughts and prayers are in Boston tonight

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