April 14, 2013

Guest post- Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Happy Weekend everyone... since Geoff is flying and I am on "Mom duty" all day, I have a guest post for you!
Fellow blogger Katie Moore, over at her blog Moore From Katie, is an active blogger who discusses the topics of, motherhood, children, fitness, health and all other things Mommy. She enjoys writing, blogging, and meeting new people! You can follow her on twitter, @moorekm26. So enjoy and go check her out!
Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

I walked into a local department store yesterday and noticed a man, mid-sneeze, walking towards the cart corral.  As he lost his battle with holding the sneeze back, he immediately brought his hands up to his face and caught all the watery spray with them.  I watched in horror as he used the same hands to grab a cart, without a tissue in sight.  Patting my purse in relief, I felt grateful for the sanitizing wipes I was toting around for just this reason.  It instantly flashed me back to my pregnancy, where I took many steps to remain healthy and germ free!

Several friends had told me to be grateful that my baby bump will be gone before summer and shared their miseries of being larger than life during the hottest months of the year. They had assured me that my sweater loving self looked even cuter with my round belly than without, but being pregnant during cold season had its own challenges.  Not the least of which was fighting off germs everywhere I go.  With people coughing and sneezing all around me, I became vigilant in my quest to stay healthy throughout my winter pregnancy. 

My first line of attack was my nutrition.  While I followed my doctor's recommendations (I talk to my doctor about everything; breastfeeding, cord blood banking, delivery options and more) regarding my diet and taking my prenatal vitamins regularly, I also concentrated on getting a good amount of Vitamin C.  Even though I usually love a good, juicy orange, my dry winter lips were sensitive to the citric acid in them.  Instead, I snacked on sweet red bell peppers, which are an amazing source for this immune-boosting vitamin.  It was one of my strongest cravings and one I didn’t mind giving in to!

The cold and flu season months are usually busy for me and have me out and about more than usual.  This means I was constantly in contact with people and some of those individuals don't seem to mind sharing their germs; thus, my affinity for a travel-sized container of sanitizing wipes.  I've also treated myself to pocket-sized hand sanitizers in several delicious fragrances. I use these in lieu of the sink when using a public restroom and have found I prefer these to washing my hands in the grimy sinks.

My friends assured me that my germ awareness was just one of many changes that come with being a mom.  Even now, I’ve become more aware of staying healthy and beating the germs!

Thanks Katie for the post! 


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