April 16, 2013

Maternity photos

Way back when I was pregnant, my BFF Courtney made a trip to come and see me before Logan arrived. She and I met in college, at The Ohio State University, where we were both Photography majors. :)

The good thing about having a photographer BFF is she took Maternity photos for us while we visited Boston one afternoon.
The bad thing about having a photographer BFF is that I was last priority for my photos to be edited and sent out. I guess that's the price you pay... ;)

I was so excited to have her visit me when I was still feeling fairly good and mobile. We had a great time walking around Boston and eating lots of good food!
We just got these in the mail and I couldn't resist sharing... so, here are some pretty photos of me with my big pregnant belly!!! (I can not believe my little boy was all squished in there).

All photos are property of Elson Photography.
Courtney takes photos out of the Columbus, OH area. If you would like to reach her you can check out more of her wonderful photography and contact her on her website. (Tell her Megan sent you)

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Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

how adorable!!!

wanted to invite you to join in on the 7 day green smoothie challenge again = )

here's the link if you'd like to check it out. :)


Brittney said...

I love them Megan!