January 22, 2013

6 weeks- day in our life

I can not believe how time is flying over here in our household! I woke up this morning to my phone telling me that our little nugget is 6 weeks old today. Sigh... I guess I should get used to feeling like this because I know I can't freeze time and he will just keep on growing. His officially moved up into size 1 diapers and most of his newborn clothes are too tight and on the verge of not fitting at all. We've tried out a few of his 0-3 month clothes this week and I just know I'm going to cry when we pack up the newborn outfits! (Blame it on the hormones!)

Anyways, I wanted to capture what a typical (*no day is really typical with a newborn) day at 6 weeks with Logan looks like before I forget all about it. (The first few days of his life are now a hazy memory of exhaustion and pure bliss, but I think they are best remembered that way!) We had one of our best nights of sleep last night with a 6.5 hour stretch and then another 3.5 hours before getting up so I feel more rested than I have in a while. I figured this was a good time to try and tackle putting my thoughts into sentences. :)

Depending on how the night went, Logan usually wakes up anywhere between 5:30 and 7. He is now sleeping in his room in his crib. We hear the noises start on our Angelcare monitor, it's not a cry right off the bat. He calls to us with little noises that sound like 'Ehhh'. If Geoff is home he gets up, goes in and changes his diaper. I fill up my water bottle, head in to sing silly made up songs to Logan while this happens because he Hates being changed. Then I snuggle into the glider and Geoff hands him over to me for a feeding. When Geoff is gone, I do all this myself.

Right now Logan takes about 20-25 minutes to feed. If it is anywhere near 7am, I know we are up for the day so we head out into the living room.

Morning is his favorite time of the day. We can now set him down on his activity mat and start the music. He will kick his legs and flail his arms around cooing for a good 20 minutes. At this time I run around to get breakfast going. I usually eat oatmeal in the morning to help keep my milk supply up and a coffee to make me feel less of a zombie. :) I sit by him to eat and we usually flip him over for some tummy time.

After a bit he will fuss at us to let us know he is over the playmat. Now it's time to entertain him until he naps. We bounce and walk from room to room and talk to him about what he is seeing.

I know that 6 weeks old is way to early to try and place a baby on a schedule but we have been loosely following the EASY method. It stands for Eat, Awake, Sleep, You (time for yourself) and it's been working out really well for us. When we are in the awake time, I wait for 3 big yawns and then I know he's tired and needs to nap. His first nap is usually in the swing so I can strap him in nice and snug because this is my best time for a shower. We let him dictate how long he stays awake or naps and if he skips something it's okay we just start over again. It's given us a little more structure and made us really aware of his clues.

After his nap and my shower then it's time to eat again. He usually feeds every 2-3 hours during the day. Some days it's more like 1.5 hours which means on those days I watch a lot more netflix (just finished season one of Downton Abbey). After he eats, we burp and change him it's time to entertain him again.

We sing and dance around, sometimes when it's not too cold or snowing I will get out of the house to run an errand or strap him in the Ergo and walk around the mall.

Then it's lunch time while he naps.

Back awake and repeat for the rest of the day.

Most days he will take a long nap at some point in the afternoon. When this happens I try and prep dinner, do a light workout, laundry or cleaning.

That is if the long nap is in his swing, Boppy Lounger or Crib and not on one of us which happens sometimes. Did I mention he goes down so much easier with white noise? We have an app that is on all our phones, our ipod and ipad. Sometime when we are out, I have to have it on by the carseat too... people probably think we are nuts walking around Target playing white noise. :)
If he doesn't nap long (like yesterday) I try and keep him up. Geoff likes to try and read and play with him around this time too. It's super cute to watch!

Around 7-8 we start to get ready for bed. We change him, get the bath ready if he is bathing that night and then we dim the lights in the nursery, swaddle him up good and tight and feed him one more time. I try and make sure he eats really good on this feed as it's the most important one for us all.

Once he's done feeding, we gently lift him up and place him in his crib. White noise and Tranquil turtle both get turned on and we creep out of the room. The past two weeks he has been really good about going to sleep. We usually get our longest stretch here. It usually ranges from 4-5 hours.

We spend some time the two of us eating dinner and watching a little tv until we decide it's best to sleep since he is down!

Around 1, 2 or 3am he calls to us again. Up change and another feed and back down he goes. Again swaddled and with white noise. Usually we can get another 3 hours out of him until he's up again for the morning.

Things change a little bit everyday but this is pretty much how our life is right now. It's exhausting but really fun and I cant wait to see how our life changes again in the weeks to come. I am so blessed to be able to share my days with our sweet sweet boy!


SkyMommy said...

He is so gorgeous. I love this little day in the life. A glimpse into my not so far off future....

CourtneyLove said...

wow sounds so crazy and amazing. Enjoy every moment my love. I love the white noise cell phone and Logan pic. He is the most amazing, cutest thing ever!