January 30, 2013

Nursery Tour

I remember the excitement of completing our nursery before Logan arrived. I was in full blown nesting mode (scrubbing blinds and baseboards was completely normal in my mind) and nothing made me feel more at ease and ready for our little boys arrival than having the nursery up and ready. I had envisioned how it would all come together and Geoff and I had worked so so hard to turn those visions to reality. We had spent many conversations thinking about what life would be like in that room in just a few short weeks.

What I now remember even more was, a few days after he had come home and the nursery morphed from a room I had worked so hard to perfect to a room that was lived in. There was a moment in the middle of the night where I had re-filled my water bottle for the hundredth time and was coming back in to nurse. Geoff had just changed Logan and when I stepped into the room... it hit me. His nursery room smelled like a baby! It was no longer an empty room filled with love and hope... it was now filled with life and I'm pretty sure my heart swelled bigger than the Grinch's on Christmas morning. That moment will stick with me forever.

I thought maybe now I would share the room that we now spend the most time in- Logan's nursery!
Enjoy. :)

This is the view when you first walk into his room from the hallway. We had an extra double bed when we moved and we were going to get rid of it until we realized that our family would be coming to help out the first few days and we had no place for them to sleep.
Geoff and myself slept in here for probably close to the first 3 weeks while we got Logan used to the crib. It was nice to be so close and made the nighttime wake ups easier but I am very glad to be back in my own bed now. I don't wake up to every little noise he makes at night, only when we really needs us. 

 I made the artwork and mobile that hang over his changing table/dresser. I didn't want to leave the frames blank until we could fill them so I added fun little animals. The crane mobile was really fun to make.

 We didn't want to go a very themed route with Logan's things that way we can get more use out of them for years to come. I wanted gender neutral colors and once we found this decal we were in love! If we get sick of panda's or if we use the crib for another child, we can change out the decal and we aren't stuck with one idea.
 Even though we thought we would still get rid of the bed once the visitors were gone, it remains for now. Who knows if it will still be around if we are still in the apartment and need more space once he is moving. :) Hopefully Logan enjoys this little space that we put our heart and soul into, just for him!
Did you have a themed nursery for your little one?


Emom said...

logan is lucky ....smiles!

SkyMommy said...

So cute! We live in a one bedroom apartment and will until this kiddo will be about 6 months old so I haven't really allowed myself to think about nursery type stuff. I can't wait until we get our new place and I can decorate a nursery finally.