January 12, 2013

One Month

One Month. 31 days.
Countless hours of swaying, rocking and shushing.
Many sleepless nights and a few blissful long stretches.
More cuddles, snuggles and kisses than I will ever remember.
Lots of crying from everyone, both from exhaustion and complete bliss.

The first month of being a Mom has been overwhelmingly beautiful. From the moment my boy was placed on my chest and I laid my eyes on him, I was in awe. Our baby we dreamt about for 9 months was here in my arms. He was a combination of so small and so big all at the same time, he was more beautiful than we ever imagined he could be. The wash of emotions I have felt these past weeks pretty much encompasses them all. It hasn't been all rainbows though... Sleep deprivation is hard, it makes those 3 am feedings much more taxiing especially when your baby is crying uncontrollably for you. Breastfeeding is so much harder than I ever imagined. It's emotionally as well as physically exhausting and it has been a struggle but we are getting the hang of it together. However, when things are hard and emotions are going wild... I look down into his face and I know that every single second is worth it.

As for Dad, he has started back at work which has been really hard on me. Everything is so much easier when he is home. There is an extra pair of hands for bath time, someone to pass Logan off to when the crying is too much or I just need to shower. Did I mention how wonderful a father he is? Seeing my two boys together seriously melts my heart. This month he works 3 day trips so, when he leaves I have two nights by myself and I start counting down the hours until he returns before he has driven out of the parking lot!

Someone once told me that when you have a child the days are long but, the weeks fly by. How true those words are. Looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing the changes the next month will bring.

Lights (especially the Christmas tree- yes it is still up)
Swaddling even though he always works his hands to his face no matter how tight we wrap him.
White noise (our iPhone app is the best) Snugabunny swing, Moby and Ergo carriers and car rides
Hanging out in his Boppy Newborn Lounger.
Being held/snuggled close and singing silly songs.

His Crib, most of the time.
Bath time, diaper changes and clothing swaps...
Tummy time (unless its on one of our chests),
Vitamin D drops
Not being cuddled or held.

He is still fitting into his tiny newborn clothes (however not for long)
This past week he has been more alert and awake. He's been moving his arms and kicking his legs more too!
Holidays celebrated- Christmas, New Years and my 31st birthday. Outings- Target, Costco, the Mall and out to eat three times.

As you can tell we have been busy and loving every moment.


SkyMommy said...

That hat! Oh my goodness hilarious. He has the sweetest face.

CourtneyLove said...

aww your family is amazing and so are you! how does he like the nightime light machine?