December 31, 2011

My Birthday and Christmas!!! :)

Since we took that mini vacation at the beginning of December to Aruba... it's been non stop flying, holidays and more flying....So to catch up before my three flights today I thought I would recap my birthday and Christmas this year. :)

I was lucky enough to get one of the last lines this month for work. Originally on my birthday I was supposed to work an Aruba turn but a friend of mine was nice enough to pick it up for me. I ended a trip on the 23rd and came home to these pretty flowers left for me!

Geoff landed from his trip around 1pm so I picked him up and we headed to the North End for an early dinner/late lunch. We went to Neptune Oyster- we heard that the lobster roll (hot) was to die for and it definitely did not disappoint! We got this crazy platter to split full of huge shrimp, oysters, clams and more.

Our next stop was at Mike's Pastry's down the road for some birthday cannoli's!!! Yum! This place is pretty well  known, there is always a line and they have so many flavors.
It was pretty cold outside so we headed to Starbucks to get my free birthday latte and enjoy some desert!

The North End is very pretty to walk around and we hit it right at my favorite time of day... the light outside is so so pretty!
We headed back home stuffed full of food, drinks and desert to open some birthday presents! I got some pretty fun things but the kicker was Geoff got me an IPAD! woo hoo!!! 

Christmas morning we woke up, made coffee and  heated up the fruit strada I made.
My family had sent us all our presents in the mail since they knew we weren't going to make it to Cincinnati this year (which was kinda weird!). We turned on the computer and Skyped with them while we all opened the large gifts from each other. Then we Skpyed with Geoff's family in  Canada.

We hung out in the afternoon and had shrimp cocktail which is something we ALWAYS have on Christmas until I started cooking our first big Christmas dinner as a family. :)

We had ham, my mom's fabulous potatoes and Brussels Spouts (recipe from Daily Garnish) with a Maple Pear Pie to follow. It turned out amazing. :) Since I'm usually with my parents on Christmas... it was my first time to be in charge of dinner and I was so happy with it's success!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for a Happy New Years tonight! I'll be landing in Fort Lauderdale around 11pm so I will be hopefully celebrating with a glass of wine with my crew when we user in 2012. Stay safe! :)

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