December 25, 2011

30 things at 30- yes it was my Birthday!!!

Merry Christmas everyone... oh and happy birthday to me! I'm 30 today- yesterday was my birthday... (I can't believe it but I think it is super duper exciting!!!)

So back in the days of college when I had a different blog (yes I have been blogging that long... don't judge) and I turned 25 I made a list of the top 25 experiences of my life and listed them. Looking at that list made me proud and so excited to think of what would be on my list as I got older. (Much better than freaking out at my age... right!?!?)

So as I turn the big 3-0 I decided to do this again! Here is my personal list of my most proud moments and happiest times in my life. :)

1. Marry my best friend and become our own little family!
2. Climbing mount Sinai in Egypt, watching the sun rise and seeing the Burning Bush.
3. Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia with all the fish!
4. Running my first Marathon- the Flying Pig in Cincinnati.
5. Walking along the Great Wall in China with my Bestie Courtney
6. Graduate college at The Ohio State University
7. Get my wings at my first and second airline. :)
8. Having a beer at the Hofbrahaus with my Mom, Dad and brother in Germany.
9. Shoot my first, second and third wedding.
10. Go on a Chrysalis weekend in high school.
11. Cheer on my Buckeyes as the won the National Championship Game in the stadium
12. Go on a Mission trip every year in junior high and high school with my friends to help the less fortunate.
13. Live in New York City for a year (and survive) :)
14. Walking around San Marco in Venice and almost get attacked by the birds
15. Climbing a Glacier in New Zealand
16. Get engaged at The Peak in Hong Kong overlooking the beautiful skyline
17. Skydive twice- first in Sydney, Australia and second in Queenstown, New Zealand
18. Climb the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia
19. Planning and having my final Photography Show of my artwork during my Senior year of college
20. Paris- the cafes, the sparkling Eiffle Tower, Notre Dame, Amelie's cafe, the crepes...
21. Exploring Barcelona, drinking Sangria and eating Tapas.
22. Swim with Sea Turtles in Mexico on a mother/daughter trip.
23. Riding the double decker bus in London.
24. Graduate High School from Walnut Hills in Cincinnati.
25. Watching the sunset in Fiji and sitting on the beach under the stars singing to Bob Marly.
26. Climb the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia
27. Win State my senior year with my Dance Team, Center Stage
28. Realize over and over what great and supportive friends I have when we get together on vacations and nights or in.
29. Dancing with my Dad at my wedding (my dad does not dance and took dance lessons for me).
30. Starting my 30's healthy, happily married and excited for the future.

I am so lucky to have great friends, a wonderful husband, a job I love and the ability to travel. As I turn a year older- I have nothing but excitement as for what this next year will hold in store for me! :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! May your day be truly wonderful. :)

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Dave Diamond said...

What an amazing list... Happy birthday to you!!