December 18, 2011

Aruba... our "mini-moon"

Most people get married and head off on a romantic honeymoon to mark the start of their life together. They relax after all the stress of planning a wedding and the fun but chaotic time of hosting both families for the weekend... We are not most people.

While this would have been ideal... life had other plans for us. After the wedding weekend and before family left town we packed up all our new and old belongings into our car and a rented truck and headed off on a 15 hour drive from Michigan to New Hampshire. We unpacked, went back to work and set up our new joint life. Our honeymoon and vacation time isn't until May which we are excitedly looking forward to and planning for. However, we were beat! By the time December came around I knew I needed some time away to recoup. Luckily Geoff and I had a few days off together and decided to take a short but much needed trip to Aruba! We called it our mini-moon. :)

Our trip was perfect and relaxing. We ate, we slept in, we hung out by the pool, we relaxed on the private beach of our hotel, we took walks at night around the hotel, we read books, we window shopped at the expensive stores at the mall... basically we did a whole lot of nothing and I loved it.

May the new year bring us all lots of downtime to spend relaxing with loved ones! :)

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