August 30, 2011

"Good Job Face!"

If you remember, back in May I had surgery for skin cancer. Basal Cell Carcinoma to be exact. While it usually is a slow growing and non-deadly (if taken care of) cancer, it still sucked to go through the whole surgery and recovery process. Call me vain but it was unusually hard for me since it was 1. On my nose and 2. Months before my wedding. Eeeeek!

Anyways, Sometime after surgery while I was being told how great I did I patted my face and said "Good Job Face!" and that phrase has stuck throughout the months that followed. I was looking in the mirror at how great it was recovering this weekend and took a photo. I realized that I had quite a few photos documenting this recovery so I thought I would share them with you all as a reminder to ALWAYS take good care of your body and health! Please please get check ups, use sunscreen and stay away from tanning beds! (I am rocking the spray tan for all wedding related events!)

While I was at home for my Bridal shower, I learned that not only had I gone through this but BOTH my 2 Aunts had as well. One last year (thanks for telling me family) and one just a few months after me. We all had matching scars on our noses and were comparing stories.

(This is Before I knew what was coming. Notice the bump on my nose... thats the cancer.)

Right after surgery- swollen and miserable. (Sorry for the quality- all iphone and makeup-less)

On my way to get my stitches taken out...

and here i am right after getting my stitches out. YAY!

A month or two into recovery.

And here I am now!

I was worried that I wouldn't be completely healed before the wedding but now that it is getting closer... I don't even really care. Geoff tells me all the time how he likes my scar- it's like a really cool battle wound. You can hardly see it with makeup on and if this is what I have to remind me that life is fleeting and to concentrate on what matters most (family, friends, health...) then I am ok with that! :)

Stay Healthy everyone!

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rachealslove said...

Well I have hard bump on my nose I dont know if its cancer im getiing it checked out tomorrow.but im super nervous and worried but after reading about you it gave me hope that even if I have it I can get threw it