November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and Vacation

A few things I am Thankful for-
-My family and friends
-My Health and ability to do crazy things to my body (like run a marathon)
-Having a job that I truly enjoy
-Having the opportunity to see different places in the world
-Hot Yoga, Coffee in the morning and Trader Joe's

 I really hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was good except for the fact that my grandmother had a heart attack a few days before the Holiday. Luckily she is doing fine and recovering. It made thinking of all that I am Thankful for much easier to do.

Second, right now I am packing for Vacation! I officially started my vacation at 10:30pm tonight when I stopped being 'on call' for the day. We are attempting to fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina tomorrow... fingers crossed that the non-rev Gods are with us!

Hopefully I can come back with lots of good stories and photos. :) Until then, have a Great Week everyone!

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Brittney said...

Wow, Argentina! Have a great trip and drink some Argentinian wine for me (love that stuff)!