November 19, 2010

Harry Potter World

For the past 6 weeks, Geoff has been in Orlando, FL training for a new job. It was a Loooong 6 weeks for me since we haven't been apart from each other for that long. I was able to make it down for the first day of orientation and again at about week 4 for a one day visit which was not enough, but better than nothing!
When I arrived in Orlando, we decided to hit up one of the parks on our free day. We chose Universal's Island of Adventure because we could check out the new Harry Potter Theme Park inside! We ran around to all the other parks first (since they were empty and lines were super short) and eventually made our way over with the rest of the people inside the park.
I was so impressed with this theme park! They did a fantastic job. Look how cute it looks with the snow covered buildings.
The main ride in this park was inside of the castle. It was really neat because they had the photos on the walls that moved around like in the movie. There was also the Sorting Hat, Professor Dumbledore and even Harry and the Gang. This was the longest line we encountered in the park at 40 minutes.

We saw huge long lines for the Butterbeer. We weren't really sure about it but figured it had to be good if people were standing in long lines for it. So we jumped in line, got the frozen and boy was it good! Do NOT miss this when you come here!!! (It's sweet like rootbeer but tastes different) YUM!

They even had Olivander's which also had a long line up but you could go inside and pick out your wand like in the movie. Very very cool!

I was so glad that we had a chance to go here before the last set of movies came out. It had been so long since I read the books (which if you haven't are Very good!) and seen the last movie... it was nice to get all excited again! The park was a fantastic addition to the Island of Adventure! If you have the chance to come, I definitely would!!! And get the butterbeer! :)

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