November 15, 2010

Sending love with Shutterfly's Holiday Cards

Did you know that the holidays are fastly approaching?!?!
I am really bad at remembering to send cards out for any occasion. I blame it on the flying. I can barely get my laundry done in between some trips, let alone go to the post office... this year I have promised myself to get some Christmas Cards out! (Especially since some of my friends don't even have my new Michigan address).

I read on my friend Jes's blog (you can find her here...    
that I could get 50 Free Photo Cards from Shutterfly so I went over to their sight to check out the selection and I was happily surprised! They have a HUGE selection of super duper cute cards (and not only for Christmas but heaps of other holiday's too).

Here are a few of my favorites....

Let's just say that I am Very excited to pick out a perfect photo to put into one of these cards. I'm not so sure Geoff will be sharing my excitement but I know his family will. ;)

If you are a blogger and want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity too then just follow here.....
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I miss you too every often.
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