November 13, 2010

Central Park magic!

Ok, Let me be completely honest here... Since living in NYC (and moving away) I have been so excited to blog about my FAVORITE place in the city... CENTRAL PARK. However, each time I would try and start, I got stuck. Today I finally decided enough was enough.... 
As much as I love the energy and buzz of New York City, it gets a little overwhelming and exhausting the longer you stay. There are the people bustling down the streets at all times of day and night, the honking, the yelling, the subways crammed full of people. I love Central Park because it's an oasis of relaxation right in the middle of the city hustling on around it. 

There are heaps of things to do here in the Park everyday. You can run, layout, take a walk, take a bike ride, grab an ice cream from the street vendor, hit up the Zoo, go Ice Skating, watch for wildlife, look at the memorial for John Lennon, go swimming, take a carriage ride.... all in a breathtakingly beautiful atmosphere

For me, I did most of my long runs for my marathon training in Central Park. I created quite the bond with my surroundings running miles through the trees each weekend. I knew I loved Central Park the first time I stepped into it and I knew I would miss it the last time I left it. 

It represents strength, love, beauty and community. Each time I ran, I saw something new and different and each time I left I felt renewed and happy.

Even when Geoff and I would come to lay out in the summers afternoon, it was always a wonderful time. Central Park is one of those places that when I think of it, it makes my heart sing! 

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Postcards and Coasters said...

Pretty pics. That would be such a great place to run!