November 10, 2010

Post race exercise and complete exhaustion

I can't believe it's November... I was thinking the other day how I don't even remember where September went... WHOA... what about October?

I'll get to all things personal in another post but I am going to talk exercise right now. :)

After the race, I immediately thought what next??? What else can I start training for or set a goal... then I took a lot at my calendar and realized that I needed a break. It might sound crazy but I told myself I was not going to run for a whole month. I just knew that I had NO time and did not want to burn out. Training for an event works well for me but I know when I can't stay on schedule I feel guilty... it's like I am letting myself down. Silly?

So, the first week was pretty easy, I was still a little sore and was concentrating on just stretching. As the weeks went on, I realized how much I was starting to miss running. The problem at home was I still hadn't had time to find good places to run in Detroit. I love running outside in fall... it's my favorite time of year and the weather is perfect! I finally had an overnight in Jacksonville and got a pretty good 2 mile run in before it started to rain.

So what's a girl to do... no running routes, no gym membership (yet) and a need to get going...

I decided to try something completely different. I found a Bikram Yoga studio in Ann Arbor and headed out to give it a try. I've done Yoga before but never Bikram which is "Hot Yoga". At my studio... it's an 1 and 1/2 class in a 90 degree (F) heated room. Let me tell you, it was intense, it was Hot, I was sweating like nothing else but I really enjoyed it! I was VERY sore afterwards. I plan on going again tomorrow and Sunday (since I have a 10 day into membership). I really think this is something I want to add to my weekly workout plan.

I am glad that I read a fellow bloggers post on her Hot Yoga experience about dehydration... I was prepared for with 2 big waters and a coconut water for right after.

So, next time you find yourself in the down time, between training plans... why not take the time to try something NEW that you had been wanting to try!!!

Anyone have any other exercise classes that you have tried and loved while you were on a break???

(I apologize for the shaky writing... I have had a huge writers block and am finding it really hard to get back into my blog. I think it's because I have had way too much going on at once.)

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