January 24, 2011

Change in the New Year...

Hello everyone!

 My life has been ridiculously hectic since December. (Isn't everyones though???) I have had a years full of changes in just the first month of the New Year which is super exciting.

To catch up, I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I love the holidays and the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family!!! I always have the bare minimum of days off around the holidays since my seniority at my airline is non- existent... but I always cram as much into those days and hours as I can!

To start off the New Year, I flew my LAST trip with my airline. After 4 and 1/2 years... I am moving on to a NEW JOB! Don't worry... I will still be slinging drinks in the air, I'm just hopping over to another airline. I am so so so excited about this change!!! I will never again be the ONLY Flight Attendant on the plane.  I'm ready to fly through training and meet all my new friends... You all will hear more about this later! :)

After I finished my last trip I had a week of Vacation before I officially left... Geoff was able to move his reserve days around and get the week off with me! Woo hoo!!! So we headed to Hong Kong! I will tell you all about Hong Kong in another post but the exciting part was Geoff and I got ENGAGED on the first night. After over 3 years of dating and world traveling, I am going to marry my best friend... I could not be more excited or feel more blessed than I do right now.

So that is all my exciting news right now... It's a lot and I'm still just trying to take it all in and have fun with the changes... :)


Runblondie26 said...

Big changes indeed! Congratulations on you engagement and good luck with the new job!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Congrats all around! I want to see picture of the new bling!

Joanna said...