June 19, 2009

Last day of Thailand

Day 3- Our final day

Geoff and I woke up extra early this morning. We had booked a one day tour to go and see the Floating Market about an 1.5 hours away. We headed down the road to where we were meeting and stopped to get some thai iced tea and snacks on the way. We got on the bus and arrived a bit later. We all got onto boats that were going to take us through the market.

This market was hysterical. I'm going to admit, it was a big tourist trap...however, I did think that it gave a good insight into how people used the river to trade or sell goods to each other. We floated along other boats full of goods and foods. If you saw something you wanted you just saw floated right on over.

We had some time to walk around, buy a few things (mostly a lot of really good fruit) and we were back on the bus.

When we got back to Bangkok, we headed right back to the market area with all the food for lunch. We decided to try as many of the dishes as we could handle.

For desert we got fresh Taro (which is really good, it's a root- I love Taro Bubble Tea!)

After lunch and our "food coma's", we decided that we didn't want to walk back and we were going to try and take a Tuk Tuk back to the hotel. We found one, hopped in and off we went.

Back at the hotel, we had the daily nap, showered, massage and then decided to stay on Kho San road for dinner. We had eaten the majority of our food off the street and so we decided to splurge on a restaurant (since it's a bit more expensive- but still cheaper than you could find in the US).
We had Curry which was really really good!

After dinner, we walked around a bit more until we had to pack up and catch a cab around 2:30AM. We had an early flight back to Tokyo. Here we are sad sad sad to leave.

We had an amazing trip and even though we flew over 20 hours to get there and back for only 3 days... I would do it again! Anytime. So, go ahead and plan your trip!!!


Postcards and Coasters said...

The floating market looks pretty cool! Your a hard core traveler...20 hours of flying for 3 days of vacation. You must be in your 20's :).

Randy Simes said...

I don't think words could describe how jealous I am that you're able to travel like this. Great site.