June 11, 2009

Bangkok Day 2 (finally, right?!)

Ok, back to Thailand, I forgot to mention heading home that night the Cab drivers kept telling us no one was a meter taxi because it was too late. Trying to give us a ride for 500baht. We got in and got back out... next cab, got in and right back out. Finally I opened the door....
"Metered? Kho San Road?"
The guy looked at me, clicked the meter and nodded.
Finally, a legit ride home- and it only cost us 71 baht. A huge difference!

Ok, so Day 2!

We woke up, had breakfast in the hotel and headed out for the day. We had decided to take the water taxi down to the third temple that we had skipped the day before. Wat Arun. On our way walking, we headed down the cutest little road and had to stop for some sticky rice and mango!!! It was too good to pass up

This one had an area that you could climb on it, which is always a good time! It didn't take long for us to get there and inside we went.
I don't think I mentioned this in the last post, but it was really hot in Thailand, that being said, you are not allowed into the temples unless you are properly covered. No bare shoulders, no shorts! Luckily I brought along sleeves and pants to throw on while we walked around the properties.

It was another cool area to walk around in. The attention to detail in these temples was amazing! There was a section on this one that you could climb up the steep steps- those are always a good time!

Afterwards we headed back on the boat over to Chinatown looking for some food! Apparently it is a more happening place in the evening, we saw a lot of shops selling gold and very little food. Near the end, we finally found a place for Dim Sum and ate way too much.

That evening, we headed back to the hotel and took our daily afternoon nap. Once I woke up it was massage time (this night I got the Thai massage instead of the Swedish... I didn't think I would make it through it. Thai massages are really rough they bend you in ways you really shouldn't bend but I felt amazing after...) after the massages we walked the street, got some food and had a drink.

(I'm sorry it has taken me so long to finish this post... I guess thats what jet lag plus a 6 day stretch, a 4 day, a 5 day trip, moving and commuting will do to you.)

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Mrs EyeCanSee said...

So I'm very jealous of you and all your travels. If I ever need a second career...I'm becoming a flight attendent! Ha!