June 26, 2009

Summer days...

I've had a few days off, actually quite a few days off.
It finally feels like summer in Cincinnati. Since it has been raining and yucky in New York almost every day that I worked in June, I have really been trying to soak in all the sun. What makes it even better is that I am living in an apartment complex with a pool, a pool that feels like it is right outside our door. It's so nice.

Even though I'm only at the pool- I lay in the sun, with the breeze, close my eyes and think of this...

(that's Mexico by the way... just in case you wanted to plan your next trip here!)

Have a Happy Summery Weekend!

1 comment:

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

A pool? I'm jealous! It's friggin' hot here this weekend!! Stay cool!

Oh! And I'm stealing your happy place, it looks amazing!