May 13, 2009

What's the feeling on your flight?

Well I'm almost finished with my first week being based back here in JFK. Minus how hard and frustrating it was commuting here from Cincinnati on Saturday- it has been a pretty easy week.

The fun thing about my job is that every day and every flight is different. Different places, different people and with that each flight has it's own different atmosphere and feeling. It's like how a band playing on stage at a concert makes the experience of the concert, my passengers affect the mood of my flights. Delays can make a flight feel anxious and frustrated, an early morning flight feels quiet and sleepy. All my flights this week have felt peaceful. Thats the only word I could think to describe them. No yelling, no loud passengers on cell phones or laughing at jokes. Just quiet, peaceful and all on time. It's been like a slice of heaven for me at work.

To top off my week, I had a celebrity sighting at JFK yesterday. As I was leaving, I passed right by Ed Westwick. He plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl and my friend is obsessed with him. I though he looked really familiar and then I realized who it was. He he he. I just wish I had figured it out in time to say hello. Oh well.


Postcards and Coasters said...

The calm before the storm! :)

Emily said...

You saw Chuck? So awesome.