May 7, 2009

Up, close and personal in Cincinnati, OH

I have decided in the midst of all the talks of moving and commuting to really take advantage of my time in Cincinnati. Who knows how long I will be here? So, I'm going to give you all some of my favorites in Cincinnati!!!

Cincinnati is one of Delta's hub airports and until this month, where my trips started and ended from. Did you know that most of my passengers had never been to Cincinnati and did you know that the airport is actually across the river in Kentucky, so those passengers never even stepped foot into Ohio (and a lot of my passengers told me they could now cross Ohio of their state list..). Kinda funny right?

So, I'm here to give some insight to life in Ohio and what you can do if you ever find yourself here! :)

So, where do you go if you want some Korean food for the evening?
That was our question for the evening. We headed down to Riverside Korean Restaurant in Covington, KY.

You get a whole set of Ban Chan (basically 8 bowls of yummy sides) and rice.

We ordered:
Dae Gu Mae Un Tang- Sizzling spicy cod fish soup with tofu, clam, fish cakes and veggies and
Gal Bi- Grilled, marinated filet of short beef rib.

Both were super yummy and we got to eat sitting on the floor!!!

Oh and don't worry I will be posting all sorts of blogs on the life of a commuter very soon. :)

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